Online Gambling Basics: Understanding the Difference Between House Edge And RTP

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Are you an aspiring gambler? If so, understanding the house edge and Return To Player (RTP) is essential for making smart bets. Knowing these two concepts, you will make more informed decisions and ultimately improve your chances of winning as you are enjoying games at Online Casino Echtgeld or another reputable platform. Read on to learn more!

Understanding The Concept “The House Always Wins”

The concept of “The House Always Wins” assumes that even if you play at the top casino 2023, the odds are always in favor of the latter. In other words, the casino will make more money than it will pay out to players over time. Thus, players may hit a lucky streak and win in the short term. But, in the long run, their chances of ending with a profit are increasingly slim.

Since the term “The House Always Wins” is a bit of a mouthful to say, the gambling community has come up with more concise terms — house edge and RTP. These terms have made it simpler for both players and casinos to communicate the well-known concept effectively.

House Edge vs RTP: What’s The Difference?

In a nutshell, both concepts illustrate the same thing: in the long run, “the house always wins”. However, there is one fundamental difference between them — the calculation method.

What Is House Edge?

House edge is a term to describe the mathematical advantage that an online casino has over its players. It is expressed as a percentage and indicates the amount of money that the house expects to win on any given bet. Generally speaking, online betting platforms have an edge of somewhere between 1-15%, depending on the game. In the game of roulette, for instance, it is around 5.26%. So, in the long run, the casino will win 5.26% of every bet placed on a roulette table.

What Is RTP?

RTP, in turn, describes the total amount that a player can expect to get back from playing a certain game over an extended period. Expressed as a percentage, this figure indicates how much of every dollar wagered a gambler can potentially win back. In most cases, the RTP of online casinos is in the range of 95-98%.

Why Check The House Edge And RTP?

As a gambler, you need to keep an eye on the house edge and RTP of games you play. These figures will give you an idea of how likely you are to win in the long run. In addition to this, it might be useful to pay attention to the following aspects that can likewise impact your chances of winning:

  • See to it that a platform uses RNG or the provably fair algorithm to ensure the fairness of its games. Otherwise, you may not be certain the outcome of each bet is a random one.
  • Carefully check the wagering requirements that accompany each bonus — they should be adequate and realistic to meet.
  • Find out all the details about payouts. Pay special attention to transaction fees and withdrawal limits for each payment method on offer.
  • Research independent reviews of your online casino. Do players consider it to be a legit platform? Or do they accuse it of some unfair practices and manipulations? Compare reviews from different sites to get the big picture.


To sum it up, house edge and RTP are two different ways of describing the same concept — “the house always wins.” Now that you know what’s behind these two terms, you’re all set to gamble smarter and improve your chances of winning. Good luck out there and remember to always play responsibly!

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