Online Consultations: The Main Pros and Cons for Customers


In the modern world, it is not necessary to look for days or weeks for a specialist who can help solve your problem. You just need to go to a special site where you will get help online. Such services have become available in completely different areas – medicine, personal care, technology, and even phone and computer repair. But is it worth creating such a business, and will users use it and trust online experts 100%?

We did our little research and asked our friends from the Howly online consultation to help us figure it out. Their team consists only of certified specialists who undergo serious casting when applying for a job. The secret to their success and the trust of thousands of consumers is that they work for people. In other words, you will be prompted to solve the problem in simple language and not in abstruse terms. You can feel like a cool specialist as you fix your phone, guided only by tips and instructions.

It all sounds cool, but what if there are any downsides to using online counseling? Unfortunately, yes. And we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages.

Why Is Online Consultation So Beneficial for Consumers?

The benefits of online counseling may differ depending on the field. However, we have tried to highlight those common features inherent in the majority. Let us jump ahead a little and say that, in any case, this type of service is worth a try. It’s fast, convenient, and will keep you private if needed. But let’s take a closer look at the pros.

Easy and Quick Process of Solving the Issue

Imagine that you have bought a new TV and have problems with its settings. Of course, you can call the master at home. But will he come immediately after your call? Unfortunately no. Therefore, if you want to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, you have two options:

  • Find a bastard for setting up a TV on the Internet. However, the chance of finding one exactly for your model is negligible. Most likely, you will spend a lot of time searching and trying to follow the steps described in the instructions, and there is a big risk that nothing will work out.
  • Seek help from an online consultant. As soon as you describe your problem, you will immediately be contacted by an expert who specializes in this issue. Such a person will be able to give specific actions specific to your device, and with their help, you will quickly cope. You will also be accompanied at every step. In other words, you will only say goodbye to your consultant after the problem has been successfully resolved.

An Inexpensive Way to Solve a Problem from Anywhere in the World

Most reliable online consultations are available 24/7 at an affordable price. The consumer buys the proposed subscription package and gets the opportunity to ask any expert about any problem and get qualified help. For example, our Howly friends we mentioned initially have no limit on the number of questions and have a trial week for a very nice price. So what can you get with an online consultation?

  • Qualified help for a small price.
  • The ability to solve the problem at any time of the day and from any country.

Your Safety and Privacy Comes First

You communicate with your online consultant directly, and your data is known only to them. In addition, company policy prohibits the disclosure of any customer data. You can feel absolutely safe. Online consulting is a legal business, so you will receive a receipt for paid services and will be able to pay in any convenient and safe way for you.

Universal Help in Solving Any Issue

Such services often operate on a subscription basis. You do not have to pay for each individual service. Therefore, for a reasonable price, you can get help with phone repairs, computer repairs, TV settings, and even care tips. Do not worry that you will be advised by an expert who does not understand the topic. Each area has its own staff with extensive experience. In other words, a washing machine repair expert won’t give you advice on how to fix your computer.

What Disadvantages Can Online Consultation Have?

Identifying the cons of online counseling has proven to be much more difficult because everyone experiences their own difficulties. For example:

  • It is difficult for some people to get used to this kind of help. And therefore, often, there are misunderstandings between the consultant and the consumer. But an experienced expert will still be able to find an approach to you and help.
  • Sometimes people are skeptical about this type of consultation. And in such a relationship, they only make things worse for themselves. For example, they do not follow the instructions of consultants to the end and then complain that they could not be helped.
  • There is a risk of falling into the hands of an unreliable company, which does not conduct such a thorough selection of experts as in Howly.

As you can see, online consultations are a profitable business for both parties. Everyone gets what they expected. The service gets a reputation, income, and grateful customers, and the consumer gets a safe, fast, and inexpensive solution to their problem.


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