No Deposit Online Casino Bonus Myths Debunked

Most players are tempted by the promises of generous wins and eye-catching bonus deals. However, the bonus deal that most players want is the no deposit deal. They’re challenging to find and even more challenging to result in your favor. Having said that, the no deposit bonus is the one that most players select when joining New Zealand Dollar Casinos since they aim to win money without investing any of their own.

Even though these bonuses are gaining in popularity, not many players understand what goes on behind the scenes. Luckily, we’re here to give you a clearer image of the no deposit bonus and debunk some of the myths surrounding it.

No Deposit Bonus Equals High Winnings

Many people get ahead of themselves when they come across an attractive no deposit deal as they don’t go further than the flashy images and eye-catching slogans. If you stop and think about it, you would understand that it isn’t in the casino’s best interest to offer hefty bonuses without getting something in return.

We understand that hope dies last, but it would be difficult to find a casino that will award you free money wanting nothing in return. In most cases, players will not be able to win a lot of money by accepting the no deposit bonus.

So, to lower the chances of players winning a lot of money by accepting the no deposit bonus, the casinos impose wagering requirements. The wagering requirements are not the same in all online casinos, but in most cases, they are higher for no deposit bonuses. The wagering requirements impose that any sum you win from the no deposit bonus deal needs to be bet a set number of times.

To make sure you’re on the right path, read the casino’s terms and conditions. All reputable online casinos have clear terms and conditions where you can find the exact number of times you would need to wager your winning sum to withdraw the money. For example, if the wagering requirements are 40x and you’ve won $10, you would need to bet $400 (40×10) to withdraw any of the promotional money you’ve received.

Playing All Games with Bonus Funds

A common misconception that follows no deposit bonuses is that you will be able to play any game from the casino’s portfolio with the bonus funds. However, that situation would reflect poorly on the casino as some games are more lucrative than others. In the same manner, the more lucrative games are more limited when it comes to their wagering requirements.

For example, blackjack has a very low house edge and a high return-to-player percentage. That makes blackjack a fantastic game for completing the no deposit bonus wagering requirements. Unfortunately, the majority of casinos limit blackjack’s contribution to no deposit wagering. When the contribution is limited, it’s typically limited to a maximum of 5%. Keep in mind that some casinos completely exclude blackjack from the list of available games.

The same rules apply to other table games, like poker, roulette, baccarat, and others. Most commonly, only slots contribute 100% to meeting the wagering requirements. These slots are typically determined by their RTP rating, so you can expect to find slots with around 95% RTP or lower.

We don’t recommend playing any games that do not contribute the full 100% as you might lose and your bankroll will be significantly weakened by that loss. As your goal is to return a profit, you might not get a chance to do that with a lower percentage contribution.

Keeping Entire Winnings

The most common myth with no deposit bonuses is that the winning player is allowed to keep the entirety of their winnings. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Most casinos want to make sure they don’t suffer from any significant losses so they enforce a cash-out limit. That means that the players will only be able to win a limited amount of money from the promotion.

If you’re planning on claiming a no deposit bonus, you should know that the cash-out limit is typically low. If the casino doesn’t have an opportunity to profit from the player claiming the bonus, it won’t pay out a high winning sum.

Knowing that there is a cash-out limit on a no deposit bonus is essential because it will impact your decision about the games you want to play. Some games will maximize your chances of winning, while others will turn out to be a downward spiral.

It’s better to stay clear of progressive jackpot games as they will not do you well. Instead, opt for a game with a higher RTP percentage that contributes 100% to the wagering requirements — typically slots. That way, you will choose a low volatility game and win smaller prizes more often. With high volatility games, you will go through a lot of dry spells leading you to lose the majority of your bonus funds before completing the wagering requirements.

Final Thoughts

Now that we have debunked some common myths about no deposit casino bonuses, you can make knowledgeable decisions about your gambling habits. Think about everything we’ve talked about and look for promotions with lower wagering requirements, high cash-out limits, games that contribute 100% to the wagering requirements, etc.

All in all, your safest bet is to always read the terms and conditions before claiming any bonus and accepting any conditions. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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