New Year, New Beginnings: Clean That Ventilation System!


Commercial buildings, including offices, factories, restaurants, and shops, all need to have quality ventilation systems to maintain functioning. Those systems must be cleaned regularly as people spend a substantial amount of time at work or on other commercial premises. Regular ventilation cleaning is like ensuring the lungs of the building are kept in the best health possible, with those health benefits passed on to the people inside. This is especially important in the current COVID times, as it’s even more essential for buildings to have healthy ventilation that will limit any possibility of viral spread and the potentiality of another lockdown. We have compiled a list of reasons below to get cleaners in to ensure your ventilation system is healthy and hygienic. 

Improved Air Quality

The most vital reason to regularly clean the ventilation system is fresh, clean air – an essential for everyone who passes through the doors. With daily use, systems collect dust, dirt, and contaminants build up, filling the air passing through with dirt, mould, and mildew. These harmful substances can be breathed in by employees and customers and can cause illnesses that can range from allergies, colds, bronchitis, asthma, to much more serious diseases. Sick Building Syndrome for example is linked to clean or not so clean building ventilation systems that impact health. Regular and thorough ventilation cleaning will dramatically reduce the risk of buildup in the air ducts of anything that could cause harm, and keep everyone inside safe. 

Avoid a Fire Hazard

Another benefit of cleaning the ventilation systems is the reduction of fire risks. Collected dust and debris in air vents, especially in cooler months when the central heating is activated, can ignite the elements and cause a duct fire. As this type of fire runs the entire length of the building it puts everyone at risk. There are – if you have maintained them – fire dampers to help stop the fire from going far and contain the damage that fire may bring. However, any fire can quickly escalate and become a threat so prevention is the best course of action, and cleaning is the best prevention.  

There Are Savings From Ventilation System Cleaning

If you want your workplace and people to work efficiently, ventilation system cleaning is vital. Accumulated dust or debris can heavily reduce system efficiency, forcing it to have to work far harder to keep the air fresh and circulating around the building, resulting in higher energy bills. This is a very real and tangible cost that can affect the business bottom line, but something less tangible is the elimination of health risks referenced earlier. With less harmful bacteria, allergens, or dust circulating there will hopefully be less staff illness and downtime. 


When you need professional ventilation cleaners, reach out to Grease Gone Commercial Cleaning London. We help businesses with their ventilation systems professional cleaning needs, alongside business premises deep cleaning, so call us today for more information or to receive a quote.

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