New Developments Provide a Leg Up for Start-ups – Business Owners Need to Leverage These Tools

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The online world may be more competitive than ever for businesses, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to succeed. The landscape is constantly changing, and things that worked for the current top brands on their way up may not be the same for new companies emerging now.

The key to triumph in the hustle and bustle is to analyze what new developments there are and leverage them to get a head start. For example, it’s becoming clearer than ever that building a website from the ground up is inefficient for business owners. Other revolutionary pieces of tech, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, should also be integrated from the start.

Prebuilt Platforms Give a Huge Head Start

In 2022, most business owners are turning to prebuilt solutions for their websites, unless their business is in a niche that doesn’t have a saturated market. In the booming sectors, expert programmers have conducted a lot of research into what makes the most successful sites. From there, they have been able to put together the elements that they believe equal a winning formula for newcomers to use.

Take the online sports betting industry, for example. There are countless sites all vying for punters in this lucrative sector that pulls in over $76 billion per year. They may have different names, but the fundamental aspects of these pages remain the same. That’s why prebuilt sports betting platform providers have emerged, and these provide all the tools needed for anyone who wants to start their own sportsbook. They come equipped with markets for sports and competitions all over the world and are set up to accept payments and bonus codes.

Anyone who wants to start a new business in a thriving sector like this should leverage the power of these tried and tested systems. It means that there are no worries about whether the functions of a site will work and the business owner can focus on other important things, such as marketing and innovation.

Use AI From the Beginning

AI is creeping into almost every industry, and many people are using the technology daily without even realizing it. Indeed, over 4.2 billion people already turn to digital voice assistance, highlighting the mass acceptance of this revolutionary invention. Its influence is only going to grow stronger in the years ahead.

Attempting to incorporate elements of AI into a new business from day one is highly advisable, as many of the well-established brands in any industry are already using it to improve their services. AI can be used for everything from customer service to marketing, and there are simple ways to implement it from the get-go. For example, it’s handy to install a chatbot on your site to improve customer relationships and answer any queries people may have. 23 percent of companies are already using these, and that figure is going to increase as they become even more advanced.

Blockchain Technology Should be Integrated Now

Blockchain technology was introduced to the masses in 2009 when Bitcoin was conceived, and since then the concept has seen its usage spread like wildfire. Not only is it a reliable method for recording transaction history in cryptocurrencies, but it can also be used for storing other data and developing security systems. Business owners who start using this from the beginning will have a head start on those who try to bring it in later, so it’s a great idea to stay ahead of the curve.

Aside from the increased reliability of blockchain networks with their built-in encryption, using this technology to store data can be a cheaper solution to some of the more common approaches. Businesses that use a lot of cloud storage, for instance, need to pay high monthly fees to rent space in these data centers. Another benefit is that everything can be easily traced, meaning that it improves trust and transparency with shared data across business networks.

Business owners should always be forward-thinking. Even though it can sometimes be a good idea to replicate the methods of businesses that found success in the past, the world of commerce is constantly changing and things that worked for others may not be optimal anymore. Major tech advancements can’t be ignored, and it’s wise to leverage these to get a leg up when starting out.


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