Modern Knight: How This Startup Guards Companies Private Data


Fueled by the expansion in privacy regulations globally that provide people with data rights, more consumers are demanding ownership over their personal data. Providing consumers with data ownership and protecting their data privacy is more than just a compliance need; it elevates brand reputation and trust.

Mine PrivacyOps is designed for businesses that value the privacy of their clients. With Mine’s end-to-end platform, businesses can automate and streamline their privacy processes. This includes real-time data mapping, privacy request fulfillment (DSR/DSAR), consent management, third-party risk assessments, and more. Mine PrivacyOps is the first commercial platform devoted to data privacy operations, focusing on users’ experiences (UX) and consumers. With the help of Mine PrivacyOps, businesses can automate and coordinate all of their privacy operations procedures and convert privacy into a competitive advantage. Their innovators bring together technological, business, and creative talents with considerable experience in cyber security, consumer firms, and VCs.

Your privacy request is managed properly.

In terms of privacy management, brand trust is becoming increasingly important as a factor for companies beyond the need for compliance with regulations like the GDPR and CCPA. Businesses can streamline and automate the entire DSR process using Mine PrivacyOps. Mine PrivacyOps provides a wonderful customer experience from beginning to end and helps companies fulfill requests with just two clicks.

Comfortable, simple, and automatic

No coding is required to set up your very own automated privacy program, thanks to Mine PrivacyOps. Following a very easy and fast implementation process, requests can be completed in seconds. With Mine, companies can set up automated workflows to comply with privacy regulations and ensure no requests are overlooked. Full visibility & reporting are included in one collaborative view. Receive DSR and DSAR requests from your privacy center with your company’s branding and all other sources streamlined to one platform. You can easily see everything in one location with complete reporting for GDPR and CCPA compliance requirements and audits, including instant RoPA reporting.

Give the internet a new, equitable future with choices and power.

Their goal is to establish a new worldwide privacy standard that will allow individuals to control their data and reduce online exposure without having to alter their digital experience. By making privacy regulations accessible to everybody, they are bridging the gap between individuals and businesses.  of consumers likely to suggest it. Mine PrivacyOps has the best user satisfaction rating on the market.

Simple to set up

Mine PrivacyOps is the only platform in the market that allows self-serve onboarding, eliminating the requirement for initial contact. Compared to the 3-12 month industry average, several of their clients finished their full implementation in less than 30 minutes, which is remarkable. Given their value on customers’ time, they strive to offer them the most straightforward implementation. This is also reflected in their awards on G2 for the fastest implementation and ROI.

Their Privacy Software is Human-Centric

Every feature they introduce is created to be user-friendly for everyone, regardless of the user’s background, and can be customized according to a company’s needs. Their automatic live Data Mapping function is particularly intriguing since it not only uses its strong AI to help businesses find up to 100% of their data sources and PII but also shows the findings in a stunning, simple-to-understand way, with actional insights that can help reduce privacy and security risks like shadow IT.

Best Assistance

Their viewpoint is that while comprehensive documentation is crucial, they provide a live, human direct support crew so companies can get instant care for their most pressing privacy needs. All of their clients receive prompt assistance via a special Slack channel, where they also make sure their engineers and product managers hang around.

The G2 users’ complete contentment touches them with their support team. They work hard to offer quick, effective, and individualized service without sacrificing their human touch. Thus this acceptance rating means the world to them.


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