Mobile Streaming Explained from Business Side


You no longer need a heavy television or fancy satellite to connect to a live event on the other side of the globe. These days a live streaming platform is so accessible that anyone with a stable internet connection on their mobile can go to several sites and view a live video stream.

Live streaming platform technology has been incorporated into various services, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. It has made it easier for businesses to showcase their products and services or have meetings with staff worldwide through an app.

This technological advancement has allowed companies to reach a vast audience, boost sales, and improve exposure. Today’s article discusses why you should use an IPTV app or OTT application with streaming platform technology to grow your business.

Why Should You Use IPTV/OTT/Live Streaming for Marketing?

Consumers prefer to purchase from a brand or iptv service provider that they trust, and clients usually associate trustworthiness with excellent and quality customer service. Creating a live video with an IPTV app can show your company’s transparency and is one way to build trust with your audience. 

You can create a video streaming platform through the OTT application development process that showcases each step in the supply chain so that your customers are aware of what happens before they receive the products. With an IPTV app and OTT applications, that is possible, and it opens up a whole world of possibilities to new and established brands. 

If any part of your manufacturing process needs improvement, you can directly invite your clients to provide feedback; hence, improving your overall customer experience. Improving your company’s authority and transparency magnifies your audience’s trust even outside your standard consumer base.

Your post could earn you a lot of likes or many positive comments when displayed through a social media site or streaming platform. Both of these can significantly impact the way your brand is represented to others on the internet.

It Is Cost-Effective

The best reason to use an IPTV app, OTT platform, or live streaming technology for your business is that it’s highly cost-effective; before live streaming, most companies invested in radio or television broadcasting to share videos or live reports. 

That advertising method is costly and may cost around $17,000 for a single one-minute television ad in the state of Los Angeles. Businesses have paid these excessive fees for years. Still, the emergence of OTT application development has allowed new and old companies to get in front of a large audience with very little financial outlay.

It Encourage Engagement

Engagement is the game’s name in the online world of social media marketing. It creates awareness around your brand and allows potential clients to see a positive review plus request more information regarding your products. 

Facebook reports that people comment 15 times more on live videos than regular Facebook videos. Some videos generate millions of videos with hundreds of thousands of comments if the product or service advertised captures the audience’s attention.

It Can be Shared Easily

Facebook and Instagram’s community is extensive, and in most cases, you can share between these social media platforms. If your product is note-worthy and your live stream post takes off, people may share your content, which allows it to reach an even larger audience.

That is why it is vital to make quality content that aligns with your business model and keep customers updated with critical company information. If you own a company that promotes news events, you can use the live streaming service on Facebook to report happenings where ever you are in the world.

New-age digital entrepreneurs are only recently adopting OTT applications and OTT application development process as they see the potential of this free marketing solution. When you use Facebook live streaming platform videos for your business, you can answer more customer questions and discover what they are looking for through their engagement.

Even better, an IPTV app, OTT Applications, OTT Application development, and live streaming platform users can download the video to view it later once a broadcast is complete. Using the sharing options of social media platforms has allowed companies to gain more exposure and expand their audience.

Including a follow us or providing a small incentive to choose your company is an excellent way of attracting and maintaining your customer base.

It Is Entertaining for Viewer

A live stream is enjoyable for people of all ages, and it’s a great way to get an active and engaged audience during your product or service launch. Watching a live stream with thousands of other users offers a form of exclusiveness that cannot be found anywhere else online.

Whether it is special events, interviews, concerts, sports events, or exotic animals giving birth, live streaming lets your viewers feel like they are right there in front of the action. It provides your viewers with a sense of camaraderie, primarily when they can communicate in the comments section and respond to your polls or questions.

Customer Service

Live streaming can help solve customer problems through a single video. Once a week, you can post a live stream that answers your customers’ most frequently asked questions for that week or explain an upcoming product launch.

Your representative can also receive information from a preselected group testing out new offerings for your company. It can help give them a good impression of your brand and increase their trust when purchasing products from your company in the future.

Additionally, it is an excellent practice to be more personal with your customer base, and IPTV app, OTT application development, and live streaming technology can help you do that.

Update Announcements and Demonstration

The last reason to include streaming technology in your marketing efforts is to provide your audience with updated information concerning the services and products you offer. You can show your client how it works through a live video.

That can eliminate the hassle of the customer contacting your support team. When the client reaches your team, an automated response can send them a link to the saved live video to watch the instructions and proceed correctly.


No matter how you look at it, live streaming has changed how businesses get in front of their audiences. If you are not using live technology to grow your business and inform your customer about crucial product information, you may be missing out on potential engagement. 

Incorporating IPTV/OTT/Live streaming technology into your business model can save you money and grow your company exponentially online.


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