Magento 2: Why it is Worth Option for eCommerce Store?


With time the e-commerce has grown and is still growing without any leaps and bounds. Every business, be it small or large wants to be part of e-commerce and they are finding the best platform for the same. Companies and Businesspeople today hire magento developers to get the best output as Magento is already declared as a market leader for e-Commerce. But one should definitely compare and weigh the available option in the market before settling for one. As everything has its own pros and cons, evaluate the options on those criteria and go for the one which best suits your requirement.

Many companies tie-up with Magento Development Company to upgrade their process of developing mobile applications. But limited companies who get it implemented for their business because people are still skeptical about the performance of the Magento platform and would it be worth investing that amount of money on this platform. And the reason might be that they are still unaware of the potential benefits which are offered by Magento. So, let us look into the advantages being offered by this platform.


Magento is considered to be one of the best platforms to develop an e-commerce website as it offers multiple advantages to the developer which ultimately benefits the end-users. Although it has its own disadvantages as well as it happens for everything on the earth. And so companies hire developers who have a better understanding regarding which platform suits the best as per their requirement But let’s first look into the benefits which it offers to their clients, it is listed as below:

1. Easy to Use and Unlimited Customization

Magento is an open-source platform that is available for free to users. Also, as it is widely used by a large number of developers all across the world, it has a huge community to support them who are readily available to answer any kind of queries of any user. Community support helps to develop new kinds of applications with many modifications and changes to match the suitability as per the requirement of the customer. Magento is available in two different versions:

2. Magento Community Version

It refers to the version which is open to all and is available for free. So, here the developer or business person does not need to pay any fees in order to use this version of Magento.

3. Magento Enterprise Version

It is a paid version of the Magento platform and usually, the enterprises opt for it who are looking to use the advanced features for enhancing their business module.

So, overall, it is not just easy to use but also can be customized as per the requirement of business like if one wants to sell jewelry or clothing or electronic gadgets or medicines or anything. Magento can easily be tailored as per the business need.

As it is open-source so highly flexible. The codes can be modified, the templates can be customized as per the need and requirement. Also, there is a provision to integrate the API which makes it more appealing for the customers.

4. User-friendly

Magento is quite easy to use for beginners, there is nothing so tough to understand here. So, even if someone is very new to this then they can easily grab the understanding and start working upon it. It is quite a friendly platform for both users as well as the admin. So, even if one is not aware of the complexity of coding, one still can work comfortably on the Magento platform. And these user-friendliness features of the Magento make it more popular among the users as it is preferred by them over any other e-commerce platform. Be it any business line, the website can be customized accordingly.

5. Easy Integration with the Third Party

The seamless integration with third-party API enhances the features of the website which ultimately gives the customers a delightful experience. This is one of the best benefits of Magento that it easily integrates with the third-party API. It facilitates the developers to add unique properties, functionalities to the website as needed for their business processes. The unique features are added to the website so that the prospects are attracted towards the website and increase the potential for business.

6. Highly Flexible

Magento offers a high degree of flexibility while developing the business application which enables the developers to display the application as per the requirements of the customer. Different parts of the website like the store locator, product category, services offered, product description, sales, clientele list, support and maintenance and much other detailed information can be displayed in the best possible way so that it gets easy for the customers to browse as per their convenience. The developers are able to create a flexible website that can be changed and expanded as per the time and requirement.

7. Mobile-friendly

Nowadays everybody is on mobile, and they access the apps on the website only, so it is very important that the User Interface of the application is mobile-friendly. The websites developed on Magento easily adapt to the mobile screen size and it gets easier for the users to access the information without any hassle. So, the customers do not have to wait to browse the app on any particular device and they are free to browse it on any device like – mobile, tablet, phone, or any other device.

 In today’s age, almost 90% of the people are on mobile and they always prefer to have details through mobile applications rather than browsing on the web. So mobile-friendliness features of the websites developed by Magento are the real assets to cache upon in future.

8. Optimal Scalability

When the website works slowly their performance degrades. But when the website is designed on Magento then one does not have to face this issue, whether you are showcasing 100 products or 1,00,000 products, Magento manages it so well without any performance issues. The best part is that Magento scales the website as per the requirement and that too effortlessly. The Magento-based websites are able to handle the peak loads without much issue and also enable the website to conduct a thousand transactions per hour. Now, this speed definitely delights the customer, and they would like to spend more time on that website. This ultimately increases the chances of business conversion.

When the company grows, the density of their data also grows with time so one cannot always depend upon the older storage to accommodate the new data as well. Thus, it is one of the features provided by Magento-developed websites which automatically scale up the websites to accommodate the increasing future data.

9. SEO Capabilities

Magento offers various benefits in regard to SEO. The other benefits include metadata for the home page, rich snippets, prefixes, title tags, suffixes, product description page, etc. It also offers unique category paths and canonical tags for the URLs of the product to avoid duplication of the content. Magento gives seo friendly redirects and URLs. All these mentioned features help the website to improvise its ranking during the Google search and when your page appears on the first page of the Google search, there are high chances that it will be visited by consumers.

So, having an SEO-friendly website is an important factor as it helps to create awareness about your company and services among the consumers. At least the ranking will force the customers to visit the page once and the attractive UI will force them to spend a little more time and finally purchase some product or service from the respective website.

10. Huge Support from the Community

Magento is one of the oldest platforms, it is being used by a maximum number of developers and users all across the world. And this way Magento has developed a big community of users who keep on sharing their views and thoughts with each other in an open forum. If any developer gets stuck at some point, then they can easily get the solution over the community group and others. So, if one develops their e-commerce website on the Magento platform then they do not need to look for exclusive coders to resolve this issue.

If we count then, Magento has more than 3,60,000 developers and users all across the world. Many of them are certified developers, some may be beginners, and some may be contributors. So, if one posts any issue in the forum then thousands of hands raise up to resolve the issue.


The above points state how beneficial it is to go for Magento in order to develop the e-commerce platform. The multiple benefits which Magento offers provide the company or the business with a long-term vision, scalability, and the direction in which you want your company to go ahead. And looking at these benefits, one can say that- Yes, Magento is worth developing an e-commerce platform. With so many advantages that it offers along with the popularity that it has gained, makes all the investment-worthy.


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