Logo Checklist | Great Places To Put Your Small Business Logo

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You’ve created a logo for your business; now what? This is a question many business owners think about often. In creating a logo, you’re making an element that will represent your business without you making a sound. The next best and logical step after the design of your logo is to find places and ways to show it off.

Logos on their own might not do much for your brand, but when paired with other elements and places, they make for great marketing and brand visibility tools. This article offers you some great places to put your small business logo.


You’ll benefit greatly from offering promotional merchandise if you regularly attend trade shows, community events, or other sponsored events. Items such as leaflets, mugs, totes, and pens fully branded with your logo are great ways to get your business in front of customers.

You might only need your logo with mugs and pens to make them personalised. Leaflets, however, will come with more information about your brand; thus, you must ensure the logo is placed strategically during the leaflet printing stage for better results.


We used to itch to tear open product boxes to get to the products themselves, but now, with the introduction of unboxing videos, many brands are making their packaging unforgettable. You can also do the same by investing in your packaging.

One of the easy ways to improve your packaging is to customise it with your company logo and brand colours. Placing custom stickers on the packaging boxes will help to make the products more personalised and, as a result, enhance your customers’ experience. With the logo on your packaging, you can reinforce your brand and introduce it to others who might simply be admiring how pretty the package is.

Business Cards

With the introduction of the internet and technological devices, we always forget about the good old-fashioned business cards. Even in recent times, these cards shouldn’t have their power underestimated. Business cards printed by store.printedinus.com are a great way to offer a personal touch to your brand, especially when interacting with people physically.

Place your logo on your business card, and chances are, the card is staying with the person for life, even if they don’t stare at it every day. The combination of a valuable conversation and a memorable business card keeps you on the mind of clients for future projects.


Think of McDonald’s and mention the first thing that comes to mind. Is it their big and bold logo?

The use of colours and logos in signs and banners is a great way to encourage people to recognize your brand. It acts as a visual cue that alerts customers of your brand’s presence, even before they see your product or experience your services.

When using a banner, be sure to place your log strategically to give it to your potential clients. Consider different viewing points apart from eye level, like ceiling levels and even the floor, for those who love looking where they walk.


An easy way to distribute branded content without boldly being in your customers’ faces is through letters, business forms, and invoices. As a young business, you’re looking to build and maintain credibility, and having your logo on your invoices is a great way to get there.

When customers receive your invoice and notice your log boldly printed, it sends a huge message of professionalism, telling them that you care about investing in yourself and building lasting relationships with clients.

What Happens Next?

Now that you have a handful of places to show off your logo, it’s time to get to work. Whether working on a budget or wanting quick turnarounds, it’s best to acquire the above items online. Bizay is a go-to resource for leaflet printing, custom stickers and business cards, making it easy to buy in bulk and put your logo anywhere. There are also hundreds of resources online for creating invoices, with Microsoft templates being the most popular.


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