Kuwait Keen on Digital Transformation to Build a Society Based on Smart E-services

KUWAIT: Chairman and CEO of Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) Salem Al-Othaina. — Photos by Yasser Al-

It’s merry time in Kuwait as the country is keen on rolling out digital touch through modern technology to its citizens. This is good news when you imagine the milestone the country has undergone since the Iraq invasion.

The idea comes after a series of several forums named “e-Government Forum” spearheaded by the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah. The launch of this idea that plans to bring transformation in Kuwait is running through the slogan ‘Modern trends of smart government’ which is the first of its kind in the Gulf region. The CEO of the Communication & Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA) Mr Salem Al-Othaina says the government plan is to connect Kuwait with the rest of the world and help its citizens to accelerate transformation, particularly in the area of technology.

The introduction of e-services is deemed to have an influence in the country economy and social welfare, among others.


Why Digital Transformation is Important to Kuwait

The entry of smart e-services through the government is an upgrade of the Kuwait society to compete not only around the Gulf region but internationally as well. These changes are coming at the time when the country is faced with justice issues regarding the case of Marsha Lazareva, which has attracted international attention about the Kuwait legal process. Even that, the country is determined to see the digital transformation is realized.

The government plans to see this digital change plays a part in enhancing a society that is based on smart e-services. According to organizers of these digital changes, they plan to push this idea so that Kuwait can participate in providing technological solutions in the country and beyond.

According to the Director of Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT) MrHaya Al-Wadani, the new development changes by the government is to help keep pace with technological advancement as they are continually evolving. Also, the country is laying down policies and procedures that allow the Kuwait government to provide better services similar to other neighboring countries.

The transition of government advancing to smart e-services programs focus on development and delivery plus other government projects which is a follow up of earlier strategies.

Furthermore, Kuwait has adopted a tech approach that it plans to meet all the laid mechanisms by 2035, which is dubbed as “smart city vision.” As part of many projects that the country plans to make them become a reality in the Gulf region, digital transformation has hugely been funded with billions of dollars pumped to ensure the government receives the top best world-class smart e-services.

The Kuwait government has plans to start working on practical applications designed in the use of AI (Artificial Technologies). The team that is carrying out the mandate to oversee the government smart e-services project has had a couple of workshops that help them to keep monitoring their performance and then connect it to objectives plus approach. On the other hand, the oil and gas sector is as well as receiving pressure to adopt Digital Transformation. It is believed Digital transformation will help in innovative strategies, simple operations, plus optimization of business. Technology is said to help the country economy rise and increate the way of doing business, which will improve efficiency and do away with the traditional approach that waste resources and slow the processes.

Kuwait government has started to redefine the country technology future in the Gulf region, and more are expected to be seen in the coming months how things will turn out once the project is complete.


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