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KPMFX Trading

Global trading markets have been seeing a large increase in market participants throughout the years and a great deal of that has to do with the simple account setup, the market diversity, and in terms of the global pandemic — the market’s volatility which gave even beginner traders profit opportunities.

For all those wanting to enter the world of trading, there is a steep learning curve to meet. The market is fluid, and it shifts frequently, so it helps to have the right solution by your side. The right platform that is going to help you learn the logic behind market trends, price fluctuation, arbitrage, and whatnot.

Introducing KPMFX

KPMFX was created to help beginner traders and seasoned investors capitalize their trades across a myriad of markets. KPMFX opens the gate for trading with almost every financial instrument that exists. With KPMFX traders also get access to education trading tools, market updates and resources all for the purpose of making smarter trades. 

KPMFX Account Types 

KPMFX has made onboarding fairly simple and quick. All traders have to do is register for an account and choose their plan. There is no particular paperwork and no extra waiting involved. KPMFX has facilitated the account set up to save traders’ time and energy.

With this in mind and for the sake of accommodating clients, KPMFX has opted for five account types. They are all scalable as you progress with your trading practices.

Beginner. The starter plan entails a floating spread, a personal bonus policy, a personal account manager, and has no advance payments. The minimum deposit is 250 and there are no deposit fees.

Advanced. Here traders have access to exchange rate hedging, education tools, and market change emails.

Expert. The spread is fixed. The expert account will provide you with live news updates, advanced training, and an experienced trading consultant you can talk to.

VIP. The spreads here are transferable and traders have their own executive account manager and a chance for one-on-one trading i.e., expert training with a private trainer.

Islamic. There is no spread widening, no post listing, no hidden costs whatsoever, and real-time market execution. This account is designed for Islamic traders and follows the Sharia law principles of trading and finance, wherein there is no interest accumulation.


KPMFX Platform Features 

Data Screener. The screener will help you sort through stocks and choose those that are available. The screener lets investors decide upon the value of each stock, so traders can take initiative and have freedom in designing their trading experience.

Live Market Data. Traders get live streaming of trade-related data i.e., prices, bid/ask quotes, and the overall market volume.

Stock Heatmap. You can see the most popular currencies, you can compare prices and exchange rates, and you can get the latest updates accompanied by the strongest and weakest currencies.

Economic Calendar. This feature incorporates both market and business news, official market-related announcements, and major upcoming events that directly influence the market. It’s a handy overview of everything you need to be aware of before placing a bid.

How is KPMFX protecting users’ information?

The platform’s servers are protected with an encrypted 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection so you can manage your transactions and use personal information knowing that they are kept safely in a vault-like private network.

Bottom Line 

KPMFX has made a name for itself for not charging deposit and withdrawal fees. There are no advance payments or hidden costs. The market will hardly ever be predictable, but it’s a matter of taking advantage of lucrative bids, however, recognizing them has always been harder. For successful trading, you just need to dive in, analyze, be exhaustive, be patient, and above all else, choose the right platform solution by your side that is going to give you access to the right trading tools and the real market knowledge.  

To open an account with KPMFX, you can register here


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