Kauffman Stadium Parking

Kauffman Stadium Parking

Kauffman Stadium is one of Major League Baseball’s oldest and beloved baseball stadiums. If you’re looking forward to attending any event at the venue this year, ensure that you reserve your lot at Kauffman Stadium parking ahead of time. Going to the ballpark to watch live the much-anticipated games and concerts can be a wonderful feeling, and even the experience will be memorable. But the main problem is searching for suitable parking at Kauffman Stadium. That’s right! Parking becomes easy when you have already booked a space before heading to the stadium, but without one, it can be pretty challenging to find a spot around the Kauffman Stadium parking area. Most parking lots are reserved ahead of time, so if you want to avoid the last-minute parking hassles, book your space at a Kauffman Stadium parking lot as soon as possible. In doing so, you can conveniently park your car at the venue without driving around the blocks.

How To Buy Kauffman Stadium Parking

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So if you’re looking for Kauffman Stadium parking at affordable prices, you’re in luck! We have several parking options at varying price points, and they’re available for events running through the year. You can head to our inventory to choose your preferred Kauffman Stadium parking lot by selecting the event you wish you attend. Also, parking availability and prices would usually depend on the type of event, so keep yourself updated and snag your Kauffman Stadium parking pass at the earliest at exciting prices. We strongly recommend fans and especially families to pre-purchase parking tickets for your convenience before the lots are taken up, as even parking spaces tend to sell out. It would be best if you plan to arrive early at the venue as you must be aware Kauffman Stadium parking gets filled up in a few minutes during events. In such cases, when you’re late, you’ll most probably be stuck in a jam and, at worst, might be directed to off-site parking. So if you don’t want to face such issues, Kauffman Stadium garage parking and lots are usually open a few hours before the event starts. You can take advantage of the opportunity to arrive early and take over the best parking space.

Kauffman Stadium is home to MLB’s Kansas City Royals. The baseball stadium, often called “The K,” is located in Kansas City at 1 Royal Way in Missouri. Opened in 1973, the stadium is named after the founder of the Royals, Ewing Kauffman, making it the only American League ballpark to be named after a person. As one of the oldest stadiums, it underwent renovation and has upgraded its facilities, including fan amenities. Kauffman Stadium is the 6th oldest stadium and has hosted 4 World Series and 2 MLB All-Star Games. The K can accommodate 37,903 guests and has entertained millions of fans since it opened. Being one of the oldest and the best stadiums in baseball history, every event sees many guests at the venue to enjoy the game and admire the most picturesque ballparks in baseball. The ballpark’s best-known feature is the water fountain standing at 322 feet and is also the largest fountain in the world.

Since the venue has plenty of events on its schedule, you must be planning your trip to the city to attend some exciting shows and games, but tickets aren’t the only thing to purchase ahead of time. You also have to buy a Kauffman Stadium parking pass before the event nears. The stadium has ample parking space, including Kauffman Stadium club parking, VIP parking, and premium parking. You’ll be directed to your designated parking lot, depending on your purchase. Also, you should check out the parking map to decide the route you should take before driving off. Kauffman Stadium parking tickets will also be available at the box office, but purchasing them online is cheaper. In addition, buying them on the day of the event will cost you extra dollars. The stadium offers several accessible parking spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis, so you are suggested to reach the venue as early as possible to secure the best spot, but you need to have valid ADA parking tags or placards.

The Kauffman Stadium was built when multi-purpose stadiums were in trend to host multiple sports events like baseball and football. Still, it was constructed as an only-baseball park. It is among the few stadiums that never converted to multiple dual purposes. However, several artists have held concerts at the stadium over the years, including Billy Joel, Fleetwood Mac, and REO Speedwagon. As the stadium prepares for yet exciting MLB games and entertaining concerts this year, you must be highly excited to see the Royals’ fiery matches and much-anticipated concerts. For fans of the Royals, you can catch the team at their home field this season facing teams like Chicago White Sox, Minnesota Twins, Houston Astros, Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles, Los Angeles Angels, and more. Also, several concerts are scheduled to be held at the venue, including the most anticipated show of all time by Motley Crue and Def Leppard’s “The Stadium Tour.” So, if you are all prepared with your tickets for these exciting events, the next step is securing a Kauffman Stadium parking at the earliest possible time.

Kauffman Stadium VIP Parking

If you’re looking for easy ways to avoid the mad crowd at the general parking area and drive smoothly to your parking lot, you need a Kauffman Stadium VIP parking pass. Being a VIP does come with perks, and you can gain entry to the parking lot through a dedicated VIP entrance. Not only that, but you’ll also get to park your car at the best and safest place in the stadium.

How Much Does Kauffman Stadium VIP Parking Cost?

Typically, you’ll find Kauffman Stadium VIP parking tickets starting at $40, and $64 is the most you can expect to pay, but prices are subject to change depending on the event and day of the week or other factors.

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