Karnataka Legislature to Make All Forms of Gambling on Online Casinos an Offence is Overturned


Despite its potential positive impact on the local economy, the online gambling sector faces various legal obstacles year after year. This time was related to Karnataka’s ban on online gambling. 

The Karnataka Police Act Amendments 1963

On September 21, 2021, an amendment to the Karnataka Police Act was requested to ban gambling in all its offline and online forms. This approval was made by the state legislature, which took effect on October 5. This petition was motivated by the latent concern about the threat some people with addiction problems may present to online games and mobile applications. However, the Karnataka High Court division recently annulled part of the legal petition.

In turn, Judge Dixit points out that the concern that motivated this amendment is valid, but laws must be created that reduce the risk of gambling addiction and promote safe gambling. Some sites work towards a healthy game online environment, and this list from thenewsminute.com shares safe and legal options to play to give you an example.

An essential step from the All India Gaming Federation

Faced with the possible banning of strategy games such as Rumy, which falls under the category of gaming, the All India Gaming Federation filed a petition on behalf of all gaming companies in the Supreme Court. This petition was heard on December 22, 2021, putting on hold the amendment to the Karnataka Police Act.

Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi and Judge Dixit expressed their conclusions two months later. Although the gaming sector is still awaiting the details of the sentence, this is good news for these businesses.

In the fight for the regulation of online games

This situation is one more episode that the online gaming sector is facing in its struggle to achieve clear laws regulating its national status.

There is a lot of confusion regarding games of chance and games of skill. For example, Rummy has been classified as a game of skill protected by a law approved by the Supreme Court in 1957, which clarifies that competitive games of skill are commercial activities protected by article 19 of the Constitution. However, when bets are made, or prizes are obtained for participating, they already fall into gambling.

However, the gaming sector is an industry that is constantly growing in the country. Not only does it promise to make an outstanding contribution to the country’s economic growth, but it also opens many jobs, especially in the technology sector. Indeed, the federation has argued that investments of up to Rs 3 billion have been made, including Karnataka.

Therefore, the solution consists of regularizing the sector, providing clear laws committed to responsible gaming, and thus helping to protect players. By providing them with the necessary tools that help build a safe gaming environment in which even your family and friends can feel confident.

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