Industry-leading AI Startups in 2021

artificial intelligence

Over the past few years, an increase in the emergence of startup companies dealing with artificial intelligence has been introduced. This trajectory of support from investors makes the AI industry a viable one that can see through innovation through its technology-forward tools.

In 2020, there has been a great deal of venture capital firms showing their support for the development of the artificial intelligence startup economy. Most investors come from global regions financially supporting ventures of entrepreneurs in places such as London, New York, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Boston, Seattle, and Singapore.

The integration of artificial intelligence in everyday rituals is a reality most people in the industry want to see become a standard in their startups, as they take extra care to make their services as widely accessible and efficient for most consumers as possible.

In 2021, as the market for artificial intelligence grows and funding for its success has been constant, here are some exciting startups that are set to lead the industry this year.

1. LabGenius

LabGenius is an AI startup that deals with developing next-generation drugs and therapeutics through the use of machine learning, laboratory automation, and synthetic biology. It has a special niche that focuses on creating protein therapeutics and improving multiple drug properties, employing a company-custom “smart robotic platform” built for the rapid designing of new drugs and conducting experiments to test for safety and effectiveness. 


This startup primarily deals with solving the complex issue of managing machine learning model versions and providing a platform where they can be launched into production. Verta was founded by Dr. Manasi Vartak, PhD who let his own team of graduate and undergraduates MIT students create ModelDB. Their first open-source system is used for controlling machine learning models.

3. Photoneo

Most popularly known as one of the leading developers in advanced automation solutions, Photoneo prides themselves on their in-house robotic intelligence and industrial 3D vision. This startup’s pick-and-place systems Universal Depalletizer, Singulation & Sorting System, and AnyPick are all powered by the brand’s AI algorithms trained to take on huge sets of data and objects. Photoneo’s algorithms can perfectly adapt new data, meaning their model can quickly generalize and recognize new types of items that have never been seen before. They adopt a modern approach to AI-powered segmentation and localization of objects.

4. Reekon

Reekon, a Lithuania-based startup, is primarily a semi-autonomous customer service automation platform for handling e-commerce and IT customer inquiries. This customer service brand utilises the help of artificial intelligence tools to enable organizations to automatically generate answers and resolve customer queries with ease. Reekon’s AI engine leverages historical customer inquiries, knowledgeable base, products, and service databases in order to generate real-time actionable insights. They have integrated into notable services such as Zendesk, Fresh Desk, and WooCommerce.

5. V7

Allowing vision-based AI systems to seamlessly learn from training data with minimal human intervention, V7 is making waves in the startup industry. This London-based venture revealed their titular V7 Darwin, an image labelling platform built to create training data for computer vision projects with little to zero human supervision needed, making the entire process smoother. Their data specializes in healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, autonomous driving, agri-tech, and the likes. Their impressive client roster includes big names such as Merck, GE Healthcare, and Toyota.

6. 8topuz

Offering one of the best alternatives for retail investors, 8topuz beats traditional savings accounts. With full automation in the hands of artificial intelligence, this startup has developed the perfect fully automated trading software solution that can easily be utilized by traders anywhere. Their system minimizes risks in trading activity and delivers consistent results. 8topuz is one of the few companies applying artificial intelligence to an investment product, all the while delivering an audited ROI of 3% per month since 2016.

7. Sisense

Business intelligence software and analytics platform, Sisense, is fast becoming one of the most innovative ways to deliver information and actionable insights with a focus on interactivity. This startup makes it easy to simplify and congest information by turning it into powerful analytic apps through a process they label “embedded analytics”. Sisense’s solution can make anyone use artificial intelligence and machine learning in building BI analytics by leveraging their APIs, developer tools, and libraries of codes making it possible to incorporate natural language and other technologies in business data presentations.

8. Argo

Argo is one of the many hopeful self-driving car ventures in the market, but it distinguishes itself from the rest of the cloth by going beyond what is expected of electric cars. This autonomous driving startup focuses on enabling safe driverless driving, by creating an autonomous ride sharing and delivery service engrained into their platform. Argo has partnered with notable car makers such as Volkswagen and Ford to further explore the implementation of their technology through AI.

9. Kahun

Through harnessing artificial intelligence, Kahun is next in line to transform next-generation medical diagnosis. This medtech startup, borrowing elements from AI, offers an AI-enhanced application that connects the world’s vast inventory of published medical knowledge to medical professionals to yield better diagnostic insights. Kahun already has an established footing in hundreds of Israelian doctors and med students, as the entire brand features an extensive knowledge graph making it easy to conduct diagnosis, workup planning, clinical reasoning, and anamnesis.

10. Particle

Particle is an end-to-end IoT platform that aims to give users a more accessible framework, making it easy for different companies and organizations to built independent IoT systems and networks of their own. This startup is backed by 200,000 strong developers, all vying for a chance to advance IoT use for not just data engineers but a more wide variety of audience of all kinds and sizes. Particle is currently being utilized by brands such as Opti, Anderson EV, Jacuzzi, and Continental Tires.


Thousands upon thousands of AI startups are being funded each passing year, it comes as no surprise the establishment of a more AI-driven society is quickly becoming the new reality. Artificial intelligence is one such industry that only gets better with each innovation, as developers learn from their mistakes and apply better changes with each update.

In due time, these AI startups, along with all the others, will shape the future for their own verticals and niche markets.


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