How You Can Easily Quit Smoking: Try These Herbs 


The ill effects of smoking are known to us all. Chain-smoking can take a severe toll on health and increase respiratory disorders and chronic ailments like cancer. A predominant part of smoking that elevates toxicity is the presence of tobacco. The by-products of smoking the herb can have intense effects on overall wellness. 

But quitting smoking can be a challenging task as well. Getting rid of a habit that becomes an intricate part of life can be challenging. Lots of people feel that smoking helps them feel more calm and relaxed. And that is why substituting tobacco with different herbs, which are not causing any harm, can be a simple and effective way to let go of the habit. 

Smoking these herbs will not only eliminate your tobacco addiction slowly but also introduce several benefits and health properties. Let us explore a few powerful alternatives to tobacco that you can smoke safely. 


Starting with the most obvious reason, smoking damiana tastes a lot better than tobacco any day. Also, the herb offers a more controlled experience than several other choices that make it quite likable. 

The healing properties of Damiana, especially to the digestive system, make it an excellent inclusion to smoking blends. It further helps ease stress, reduce fatigue, and increase energy in the system to benefit smokers in transition significantly. 


Lavender is a very soothing herb that relaxes the user’s mind. It creates the same feeling as smoking with its deep calming qualities when used alone or in any smoking blend. 


Lavender is a wonderful replacement for tobacco as it can help quit nicotine without experiencing a majority of unwanted symptoms like restlessness or anxiety. This potent herb is quite useful to fall asleep because of its soothing flavor.

Instead of creating a high, out-of-body feeling, lavender only leaves the smoker calm and in a state of euphoria that is a huge advantage against smoking tobacco. It also does not carry any addictive qualities, making a safe and healthy choice to rejoice and ease cravings. 

Blue Lotus

Blue lotus may not be the first choice for many smokers as an alternative to tobacco. But it is one of the better choices given it is brimming with many beneficial properties. 

Blue lotus can effectively relieve stress and anxiety and lead to better sleep. These are useful attributes of this herb that helps smokers to try it as many of them typically seek tobacco for these properties. 

Blue Lotus contains Apomorphine and Nuciferine, the two main components that induce the benefits. Apomorphine acts as a dopamine agonist to instill a happy and euphoric feeling. It also helps with muscle control for Parkinson’s disease and erectile dysfunction. Nuciferineon, on the other hand, introduces a feeling of calmness. Smoking blue lotus flowers can thus make you feel high, calm,  and euphoric. 


Roses are beautiful flowers that are not just the best choice for a romantic night but also a smokable alternative to tobacco. Apart from imparting an enticing aroma, the flower can also help with inflammation, sore throats and can induce headache relief, thus making it an excellent choice to smoke either alone or with a combination of other herbs.

Dried Flowers

Smoking rose petals induces a balanced feeling for the users. The slightly intense rush while using them turns out to be highly beneficial for individuals suffering from depression. The flower can instantly improve mood, which is an effective way to cope with irritability and mood swings that accompany nicotine withdrawal. It further elevates the functions of the digestive system by increasing the bile juice flow, resulting in less bloating and curing any digestive issues.


Although a bitter herb, Mugwort is quite commonly used simply because its benefits easily outplay the taste. Smoking mugwort can be a wonderful experience compared to many other herbs because of its medicinal properties. It can help treat cardiovascular problems and cold symptoms effectively due to triterpenes, flavonoids, and coumarin derivatives. 

The soothing and relaxing feeling it gives the user is why it makes a good choice for tobacco smokers. It can aid insomnia patients with its subtle hallucinogenic properties and help smokers trying to quit cope with withdrawal symptoms like anxiety and sleeplessness. Mugwort works best in smoking blends as the complementary herbs might help evade the raw taste. But these herbs should be chosen carefully to ensure they safely elevate each other’s benefits. 


Mullein is a standout herb compared with the other contenders here. And why so? Well, this herb is one of the most beneficial choices on the list, especially due to its excellent expectorant properties or the ability to soothe a cough.


Mullein can naturally increase respiratory capacity among users by removing excess mucus from the lungs. It can loosen up mucus in the lungs and stimulate the smoker to cough it up. It can also cleanse the bronchial tubes and reduce the inflammation of the airways. Hence, the herb can become a wonderful way to move away from tobacco and help heal the ill effects of the latter`s usage.

Although many believe that the best way to use Mullein is to consume it as a tea, some users have also reported feeling similar benefits while smoking this herb. 


Smoking healthy herbs that introduce health benefits can be an elegant and efficient way of transitioning from tobacco.



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