How Web Stores Can Prevent Stolen Packages

How web stores can prevent stolen packages

At the latest since the beginning of the corona pandemic, global companies received a rude wake-up call: Who had not yet taken care of a web presence by then had bad chances to survive the global economic crisis. With retail stores completely closed for several months, consumers relied on web stores to run everyday errands. Accordingly, online commerce reached an unprecedented high, with more than two billion people using e-commerce and revenues exceeding $4.2 trillion. Consumer buying activities are likely to shift even further into the virtual space in the future. Unfortunately, there are also some clouds on the horizon, Unfortunately, there are also clouds on the horizon for web stores, because not all packages reach the consumer. 

The mysterious case of the missing packages

Considering how high the sales figures in online trade are at present, it is not surprising that more and more robbers are specializing in the theft of packages. According to an American study, it was revealed that in the years from 2016 to 2019, 22 percent more packages disappeared on the delivery route. These incidents have already affected 36 percent of consumers, who complained about the loss, especially during the Christmas season. Indeed, before the holidays, people mainly buy electronic goods, which are a popular target for thieves. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that the packages slipped out of the transport containers or vehicles due to mishaps or minor accidents. However, the probability that the goods were stolen intentionally is much higher.

Actions for prevention

It is almost impossible to avoid packages being stolen. Criminals are so well organized these days that they exploit every weak moment and every opportunity to gain access to the goods. However, companies can come to the aid of customers if they have become victims of theft.

Extensive information on the website

Generally, there is no obligation to provide a shipment number. Through this service – such as tracciare DHL pacco – it is, however, possible to check the location of the goods at any time. On specialized websites or with the help of apps, the shipment number can therefore be used to track one’s own delivery. This approach inspires confidence in the customer and helps to track down missing items. 

Furthermore, a FAQ can be integrated on the website to answer all questions about shipping. It can be explained what costs the customer will incur, what delivery times are and what policies apply. A small guide for missing items can also instruct customers on what to do in case of an emergency. A contact form can also relieve the service hotline and facilitate communication.

Various delivery options

One effective way to prevent theft and increase customer satisfaction is to offer multiple delivery options:

  • Click and collect: If customers live near a store, items can be selected and paid for online and picked up directly at the store. This option has become established, especially during Corona, to support local businesses.
  • Local delivery: While service providers such as FedEx, UPS or DHL are usually hired to deliver packages, brands can organize shipping on their own.

How to avoid damage during shipping

Another problem is the damage of the packages and contained goods.The incredible mass of deliveries that are transported every day can hardly be handled by the employees of the delivery services. As a result, the packages are handled with little care and are often loaded and unloaded roughly. Although companies have no influence on the employees of the delivery services, they can ensure that less damage occurs by providing strong and stable packaging.


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