How To Use Construction Banners As Part Of Your Marketing Material

Having a fence that serves as a barrier between the actual site and the general public is essential at a construction site. It’s also where construction signages can be placed. Besides providing information on the building sites, signages, such as banners, also serve as a direct network to potential clients and your company.

That’s why checking out websites like to achieve effective branding through banners is important. From meeting construction signage needs to delivering greater advertising impact, which includes higher advertising recall, branded banners have a wide range of capabilities.

Here are some tips on how to effectively use construction banners as part of your company’s marketing material:


1. Select The Right Materials

When choosing a banner material, you have quite a few options available. Check them out below.

  • Vinyl – One of print production’s finest materials is vinyl. Using vinyl for your construction banner is fantastic, especially if you plan to put large amounts of detail or information about your site. Vinyl banners have great a punch of color because ink adheres to them well. 

    When wind flow isn’t necessarily a factor, vinyl is the best material to use for hoardings around your building site that carry some branding information.Applying anti-graffiti to a vinyl banner is also a good idea to generate significant longevity to the product. Provided that the installation and lamination were done right and anti-graffiti was applied to the product, the banner’s life expectancy is about two years. In addition to making it last longer, the right installation and lamination, coupled with the anti-graffiti application, leave your construction banner looking professional.

  • Mesh – Great print reproduction results from premium banner mesh because of its tight dense weave. Construction mesh banners can be really strong products if you plan to advertise very specific sales messages and pictures. You’ll get supreme strength in building sites that can be a bit rough and tumble, or in high wind areas. That’s because mesh banners have nylon welded backing and super tough edging.
  • Shade Cloth – The cheapest entry-level product that you can use for your branded construction banner is scrim or shade cloth. It’s commonly chosen as an alternative for the mesh. Despite being cheap, the material is quite tough. It makes for easy installation because of its very open weaved design. It’s also perfect for construction sites in high wind areas or where you’ll need long runs of it. 

    The downside with shade cloth (scrim) is its print reproduction. It’s not suitable for great detail, unlike banner mesh. If you want to make it look effective, settle for simple logos and color.


2. Be Careful With The Size

It’s important to place your branded construction banner where they’re visible from around and inside the site. That being said, you have to get the dimensions right. Knowing where to place the banner ads effectively is also essential. The flow of communication in the banner regarding your company can engage potential clients better if you choose the right banner size. However, getting the banner’s dimensions wrong may make it look unsystematic and downplay the recognition your marketing material deserves. An important thing to keep in mind is that large ones capture people’s attention more when it comes to construction banner size.


3. Make Sure To Incorporate The Right Colors Into Your Banner’s Design

The design you choose for the construction banner gives your company a personality and identity. Indeed, branded banners are a powerful advertising tool in the construction industry. The colors incorporated into your banner make the biggest impact on your target audience. That’s because colors evoke different feelings. It’s crucial to make sure that the right colors are representing your brand.

Aside from the color, other features such as the information you put into the banner are important. Also, as cluttered banners look unprofessional and become unclear, it’s best that your construction banner has white space. For you to come up with a design that creates professionalism and energy, as well as lends your brand’s credibility as a whole, the multiple color panels or photographs in your banner design should work well together. Enhance your reputation by focusing on uniqueness. Again, the ultimate aim is for viewers to recognize you by your branding.


4. The Banner Has To Be Well-Constructed

Branded construction banners should be easy to install. Design them for extreme weather patterns and windy conditions to make sure that they’d still be effective in carrying your marketing messages despite harsh environmental exposures.


5. Keep It Consistent

It’s important to display your construction banners wherever possible. Because it repeats your brand’s logo and provides information about your company, it’s best to have large, long runs of banners in your construction site. Aim to make your construction banners memorable to those people viewing them. A strong and consistent branding using banners not only reinforces your identity, but also gives the impression of confidence and trust among your target audience.


6. Use Banners To Promote Your Partners

Chances are many parties got involved in the construction process of your projects. Your branded construction banners are the perfect place to promote and thank all the people who have, in any way, contributed to your company. For instance, you can advertise the commercial tenants who are coming to operate in the site once complete if in case yours is a commercial construction site. When it comes to the use of construction banners, the sky is actually the limit since there are a lot of things you can do with them.


7. Use Construction Banners As Building Wraps

When used for construction media, banners are highly versatile. In fact, you can also utilize them as building wraps to help you minimize attention to the surrounding and conceal or disguise construction words. By incorporating vibrant colors and creative graphics to the banner, you’re going to draw the public’s eye, initiating promotion for your company as a result. It will establish potential customers by reinforcing your brand. That way, people who may not be aware of your company will realize your presence and the product or service you’re offering.


8. Add Call-To-Actions (CTAs) To The Banners

The purpose of your banner advertisement should be clear. Let people know about it by adding CTAs, such as ‘buy your space now’ or ‘contact us’ to the banner’s design. Your company’s ideals and the call-to-action in your construction banner should be well-aligned.


Final Thoughts

The use of construction banners is ideal for your company’s marketing and branding. These allow you to introduce yourself to the market even prior to commencing your business. By ensuring that you give as much important information about your company, like the mission, slogans, and logo, construction banners will invite potential clients to your business.


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