How to Select Between Custom Web Design vs. Website Templates for Magento Ecommerce Website

When a person orders a design for the first time, many questions arise. Significantly, their specialization does not overlap with UI / UX, and they do not know what it is. Before you turn to the Magento development company, decide what approach is most suitable to your web vision.

Template or Custom Design: The Difference?

Many businesses are delighted with the possibility of building straightforward designs with a typical structure. However, when clients realize that they are limited in resources and agree to a standardized site, we are talking about a template site.

Such a product can be compared to the sofa in the hallway of the office. For example, you came to visit your company partner. There you saw the yellow-purple couch and put the same one in your house. You like it as the piece of furniture suits you, and it doesn’t matter whether someone owns the same one. 

Uniqueness Over Additional Aspects

The same applies to web design. Not all online stores should or want to be unique. When we talk about adaptation with the brand, working with the audience, and recognizing, we are talking about custom development. A unique design costs more and is time-consuming, while its opposite is cheap and simple.

Customized web design means satisfaction, trust, and added value. A critical point is the client’s satisfaction with the template product. When the budget is limited, or the deadlines are tight, you will be glad to receive any solution. Then, with the hope for the best, go to the nearest furniture store and buy a sofa. Whatever it was, it certainly did not fit into your ideas. Yes, it fits in a niche, but it’s beige. Not perfect, and therefore the experience of buying and using is entirely different.

Opposing Features

The first one will be an imperfect mass-market sofa, but it is pretty comfortable to sit on. In custom, there is an opportunity to convey the brand’s message, solve the necessary problems, and meet the client’s expectations — this is the perfect custom-made sofa.

Making customized web design means increasing the value of a product/company and building trust. If the work is done well, the chances that the product will cost more increase. Without a well-thought-out structure, modern design, general style, detailed, high-quality photos, and other details, there is no trust in the seller.

The Quality of the Visual Content Adds Value to the Product

It plays a huge role and can be the reason why users will not buy anything. They might come from a good SEO or advertising, but a lack of trust may prevent users from making a decision. Customized design options are more about awareness, engagement, and wow effect. They meet the requirements of the brand as much as possible.

For example, why does Apple do custom designs? So that, looking at the page, you “feel how these headphones play.” But, again, it is the designers who create such an impression — this is the same wow effect. And if they made a standard landing page design and placed it there: two pictures with a slider, descriptions of advantages, prices, and “buy from us,” — this would be a template design. Again, no one says it wouldn’t work, but the final result will be less striking.

By implementing a customized design, you may increase your site’s conversion and reduce the bounce rate. Not only because of the wow effect but also because experts will analyze the target audience and competitors.

To Summarize: Who Needs a Unique Design?

Ordering a customized site design may be justified and even necessary for a company that bears a long-term perspective. Unique site means:

  • investing in the future, not in a quick result; 
  • desire to achieve brand awareness; 
  • forming the need to “throw the bait” for five to ten years; 
  • making the brand and corporate design do the job for the company.

You may understand the template and unique approach to web design differently, but their essence lies in individuality. If you need to build a site quickly and not clear how everything will work further, the template will solve your problems. But it will not do it as effectively as a unique product. If you plan to make a simple online store for a startup, use a template. It will not serve you more than a few years.


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