How To See Someones Instagram If It’s Private?


Viewing a closed account may be of interest to a particular user for a variety of reasons. This phenomenon is so popular that a separate name was invented for its representatives. Users who openly or anonymously follow the updates of other pages are called insta-stalkers.

If you don’t want your photos and your page, in general, to be monitored by outsiders, you can close your account. But still, this is no guarantee, because there are ways around it, and even special applications that allow you to see the content that is published on closed pages. Without question, Glassagram is considered as the private Instagram viewer which offers the best service we’ve seen. We are sure that many people will be interested to read how to view private Instagram because it describes different interesting ways. 

Is it possible to see the content of a closed account without a subscription?

Anything is possible now, but there may be some limitations. Especially if you use special programs, which are often paid. If you are interested in how to see private account photos on Instagram, information from closed profiles can be obtained in the following ways:

  • View content on a person’s social media account

Some users close their Instagram accounts but leave their profiles open on other social networks. There may be some identical pics posted there, so you may want to do a search. 

  • Create a fake account and apply

This method does not guarantee 100% access to view private Instagram stories because the user may not accept your request. Best of all, add some photos to the fake account, so it does not seem empty and at least remotely resembles a real person. But it takes time to do this. 

  • Use an account of friends or acquaintances

If a friend has no problem signing up for the account you want, ask him or her to do so. See if someone is already signed up and can just send you a screenshot or let you see the profile yourself. 

If you will be accessing your profile often, but want to do it secretly, remember that there are special programs that show who visited the page. But the safety of these services is not proven, besides, they are paid and do not always show what they promise, so most users use the methods we described above. 


Even if you really need to view private instagram photos, don’t jeopardize your safety. Use only verified services, not gray ones. It is worth remembering that Instagram is a smart social network, which takes care of quality and safe use of its functionality by the user, so if someone uses gray services, he may face blocking of his personal account. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions and read the reviews that have been left by real users. If you have time, it’s best to create a fake profile and keep track of who you need at all times. 

The question “how to view a private instagram page” has many answers. On the other hand, there’s no shame in subscribing to closed accounts, so if you like or are interested in the person, drop a request and make your life easier. Everyone has the right to privacy, and it is important to respect that desire. Also, a lot of people don’t check who watched their stories or just don’t remember all their subscribers.


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