How to Secure Your Business Premises: The Ultimate Guide


Working in a secure environment is always the goal of many people as security is a paramount aspect to consider. Security at workplaces means the premises are free from hazards, robbery, employee theft, epidemics, among others. Keeping your business safe needs to be a top priority since you will be avoiding expenses such as medical, replacements, repairs, etc. There are several ways you can secure your business premises; the following guide has all the details.

Prevent Entry of Intruders


First and foremost, the external security of your premises is vital. Robbery is among the high-ranked crimes that lead to significant losses in businesses. So how do you lock out intruders? Start by securing the premises with a fence, especially if you have a big property. You can incorporate electric fences and high walls to deter anyone from trying to break in. Also, use windows and doors from very strong materials like steel, making breaking in challenging for the intruders.

Additionally, installing an alarm system that notifies security companies and the authorities whenever there is a break-in. Alarms go off when the door opens or in case of a security breach alerting the police, who will assess your property within minutes. Moreover, the alarm sounds always create panic in the intruders, and they may not rob the place as intended.

Install Modern Security Technology


Another way of securing your business is the integration of modern technologies like CCTV and motion detectors. CCTV is among the best ways of ensuring you capture any intruder through the recorded video leading to an arrest. With the rise in technological companies, get advice from experts on the brands to buy to maximize their use. CCTV systems can be installed inside and outside the building at carefully selected locations to reduce blind spots.

Nowadays, robbers also incorporate modern technologies into their crimes, giving them an upper hand as they evade security measures. Any business owner needs to use more than one security system to ensure that the other will provide the required information if one fails. Motion detectors can be a great addition to your security. You can set the detectors to detect any motion at odd times (when the building is closed for business or at night). The detectors synch with alarms, and once they capture any activity, the alarms go off, alerting security personnel.

Assess Any Work-Related Risks

Security Maintenance

Security also means the elimination of risks that might expose your staff to injury. Workplaces have various risks depending on the type of industry. Regardless, you need to ensure that every employee is safe from any hazards such as chemical spillage, fire, the collapse of buildings, and electrical shocks. Some of these risks are not considered, and when they occur, they cause a lot of damage or, worse, death. 

As the owner, put up measures that will force employees to use protective equipment during high-risk operations. Moreover, using electrical Cabinets to lock in electricals that may be dangerous if exposed like Dupont connectors is also a step in promoting security at the workplace.                                                                                      

Secure Your Equipment

Secure Equipment

In most companies, work equipment has its designated storage area. Storing these tools somewhere specific is suitable for easy retrieval since everyone knows the location. However, as much as it can be a good thing, it is also a drawback when it comes to safety. Some employees are prone to theft, meaning they will steal workplace equipment and appliances needed for efficiency. 

To avoid this behavior, you can install lockers and cabinets to keep these tools safe from any theft, be it from employees or intruders. Also, theft among employees will reduce if they all have their lockers. CCTVs can also help determine where lost equipment is and if anybody was responsible, disciplinary measures to be considered a lesson to the rest.

Incorporate Infection Prevention Measures

Prevention Measures

Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, most people did not take infection prevention measures seriously. However, with the recent happenings, everyone is extra careful to avoid contracting the disease. A safe working environment is necessary for optimum production; hence, you need to put up all the required measures to ensure every employee is safe from contracting any infectious disease. 

The measures are straightforward, designate a hand hygiene area either with alcohol-based sanitizers, liquid soap & clean water, or both. You can place them in entryways where everyone coming in will have access. Besides, during pandemics, make your staff wear protective equipment like face masks to protect themselves and others further.

Additional Tips

  • Keep an inventory for all your stock.
  • Use a safe to store all your valuables.
  • Only give access to valuables to trusted staff.
  • Be open to embrace new security technologies.


Safety is a human need that is needed for anyone to work optimally. Business wants hardworking employees to prosper but if you do not provide a secure environment, be ready to count your losses. Always think ahead when establishing a company and be prepared to spend extra on security. Also, find a competent supplier for supplies like motion detectors, electrical cabinets, CCTVs, and steel doors. Keeping all these in mind is essential for the growth of your business.


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