How to Promote Your Newly-Made Mobile App

An average internet user spends more than double the time browsing on mobile devices than on desktops and laptops. Given a sharp increase in the number of people using social media and email on their mobile devices, many companies are investing in mobile apps. Consumers download hundreds of billions of apps each year, and the download numbers are on a continual rise each year.

So, if your company has decided to invest in making a mobile app, congratulations on launching your new app; now, you must promote your newly-made mobile app to meet your download goals. Starting from including your app download links on your email signature to asking your influencers for review, you have to do it all. To make sure that business owners get the most possible downloads of your mobile app, we have created a wholesome guide on how to promote your newly-made mobile app. 


Add Google Play and AppStore buttons to email signature

Given that email apps are also popular, and most people browse their emails through their mobile apps, email marketing’s effectiveness is still intact. Email marketing statistics continuously boasts one of the highest returns on investments or ROI, which has become a staple for most businesses.

While you send out each email, a personal email signature is a great way to place a call to action or CTA or share details about your marketing and branding efforts. Add a link to your Google Play and AppStore and promote your newly-made mobile app so your email subscribers can easily download it. 

You can also create an email signature with a specific CTA button that will lead to your landing page or website homepage. In this way, you’ll show people the value of your software before making them install it.


Use Facebook Ads

Facebook engagement shows that it is among the most popular social media platforms today, and people from all different market segments engage in Facebook. So, chances are your business can use Facebook ads and successfully promote your newly-made mobile app. You can set up a Facebook ad specifically for your app.

Facebook makes it relatively easy for you to set up this ad, and you can target your ad so that your target audience are the ones that stumble upon your app ads. Upload it and track the trends to see if you are getting desired results or not and tweak it if necessary. Use Facebook ads because it is a great way to reach people, promote your newly-made app, and gain a step closer to meeting your app download targets. 


Reshare the app installation link in social media

Your social media feed is an excellent place for you to share your brand information, including informational materials and brand announcements. An app available for download makes for good promotional material on your feed, and it is a great way to promote your app to your social media subscribers.

Create a social media campaign well before your app launches and warm up your social media subscribers to ultimately download your app. Use your network, show value, and be creative. Essentially, promote your newly-made mobile app via your social media channels to show your target audience that they have to download your app. 


Write a blog post about the app

Your blog is a great place to share valuable content with your subscribers, including your new app launch. Besides being a great place to grow your email subscribers, blogs are a great way to gain more app downloads.

You could write a how to navigate your app post or the benefits of using your app post or anything else that you cannot communicate through other channels, but crucial information should be shared through your blog. In fact, your blog is also a great place for company news announcements, and you can document your app journey from breaking the news to showing how your target audience is benefiting from it. Write a blog post (or more) about the app and promote your newly-made mobile app.


Apply some link building

In the digital marketing world, search engine optimization activities like link building are a necessary task for things promotional. Link building, in a nutshell, is creating a theme of posts and interlinking them back to your website and that one common goal. In the case of mobile apps, chances are you are using multiple channels to promote your app, and you have a common goal of directing them to the download page.

Whether it is a social media post, blog post, guest post, email campaign, or any other promotional effort to increase your app’s downloads, make sure you are building a link to your app download page. Apply some link building and promote your newly-made mobile app to gain more downloads successfully. 


Ask influencers for a review

How many times have you read an online review before you purchased a product or read the comments section on a website? Chances are you have done that, and if you have not, chances are you are interested in what others have to say about any information you consume.

The way we consume any product or service is dictated by what others have to say, which holds true in app downloads as well. Recommendations or what others have to say contribute the most towards app downloads. So ask influencers, particularly ones that are revered in your industry, for a review as this can help promote your newly-made mobile app.

204 billion apps were downloaded in 2019; let that number sink in a little. Furthermore, millennials remain the largest age group of app downloaders and users, and this number continues to decrease with increasing ages. But despite downloading, there are also apps that remain unused.

So, use the tips above to promote your newly-made mobile app. Once the app is downloaded, rejoice a little, but make sure you direct your efforts to improve the user experience and keep the audience engaged. This way, you will successfully promote your newly-made mobile app and make sure your business achieves its bottom line. 


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