How to Plan Your Game Creation

game creation

So you have some ideas for the game, perhaps you not only completed the last big project but also took advantage of this opportunity for the first time. Some cool ideas are running around in your head, you probably unknowingly write them down somewhere on napkins, and you pass them on to some friends. They love it! Once you’ve found inspiration, it’s time to take action.

If you’re a developer, it’s a good idea to open up Unreal, Unity, or Game Maker to start coding. If you’re a creative person, FL Studio or Adobe Photoshop may already be open to presentations and concept art on your computer.

If you’re neither a developer not a creative person, it’s better to outsource a gamedev studio with expertise in a strong understanding of game design and mechanics.

These are great ways to get started, but if you’re leading a project and want to finish it someday, you’ll need to work on it from a different perspective. Game designers and individual developers should already know how to make a game design document.

It’s time to start planning your game. Today we’ll give you some tips on how to plan it, what tools to use, and how to work in the long run. No one likes to plan, but with a little organization and some support, trust us, you will definitely succeed in your endeavors!

Plan your way!

You can find the immeasurable tools that we try to provide. Don’t let your brain be fooled! Planning is an important step in the success of a project.

These projects are usually only active for a short time, but it is critical to follow the correct scheduling procedures. Organizational skills, collaboration with others, brainstorming, and prototyping are all significant factors in keeping the game from being edited.

Don’t forget to talk about planning your game project. Make sure there are no problems when prototyping. However, make sure your plan doesn’t rule out a proof of concept. More on this topic here: 

Here are some great tools for planning your free projects:

• Trello

• Asana

• Slack

Game design document

game design

Oh, the game design documentation. If you have worked on a game project with projects or are a professional project manager, you should be familiar with the concept of “design documentation” or “requirements documentation”.

Game design documents are the accounting system and the fundamental truth of what you want to implement in your game. It has all the characteristics of game design, including:

• Game concept

• How the game works

• Gender and target audience

• Game progress (mostly with numbers)

• History / Settings / History

• Level design and difficulty curve

• Object Description Art, Music, User Interface

• And more

Please read the game design document as soon as possible. This is an important part of game design that you should keep in mind when working on a game development project.

Production plan

If you are a lone developer, you may find it difficult to complete the next two sections on your own. However, we believe that these are important tools that you need to create to get your project running.

Production planning answers the question of when the project will be released. You can also fill out the form with anything you like, such as the first proof of concept, demo version, meeting or exhibition version, or Steam version. The resulting graph.

What are you working on and at what stage? How long does it take to complete each task? How many people are working on the specified activity? Can I do multiple tasks at the same time and work with multiple components? These are all the questions your production plan needs to answer.


It may seem like hard work, but keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to complete the game. Accept all of these documents and tracking tools as they are designed to meet your goals. Do not be afraid, you will succeed!

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