How to Give Your Home a European Touch On a Budget


European home design is a timeless décor theme for urban homes. With plenty of colour, textures, elements and detailing, European interior design has ruled the hearts of homeowners for decades. If you’re looking to give your home a European touch, here are seven ways you can achieve the look.

Opt For A Minimalistic TV Unit

Although televisions and TV units were not a part of traditional Victorian homes, one cannot imagine a modern home without a TV unit. If you’re wondering what kind of TV unit would blend into your European-style home, we have just the right answer for you! A minimalistic white TV unit that is wall-mounted is the perfect aesthetic to match a timeless European home. Invest in one made of gloss polyurethane for a simplistic yet attractive design. Ensure your TV unit has plenty of storage to incorporate all your gadgets, devices, remote controls and cords. Plenty of soft-close opaque drawers will give you the required storage while maintaining a clean and organized look.

Use Different Fabrics

European décor was always amplified by a lot of texture and fabrics. A great way to replicate the Victorian elements in your living room is by introducing different fabrics in curtains, cushions, couches and more. Rich fabrics like velvet, muslin and silk often find a spot in European home décor and are sure to be a hit even today. Throw some silk cushions over your couch and add some luxurious silk tassels on your curtains to give them a vintage feel. Also, use fabrics in the dining area such as table covers and cloth mats. Cover your furniture and tables with liners made of silk or velvet. These aspects add up to give your home a regal touch straight out of European architecture.

Set Up A Library Wall

What’s not to love about an entire wall dedicated to books? Europeans have always been big on museums, libraries and quaint structures. A library wall is a perfect way to pay an ode to European architecture! Opt for deep mahogany or oak shelves to give your living room a royal look. Create a reading nook with an appealing accent chair and a footstool so you can tuck yourself in comfortably. Having a library in your living room is also a great conversation starter when you are hosting people. Setting up a library infuses the habit of reading among your children and extended family, and that can never really be a bad thing!

Use Metallic Detailing

Copper, brass and aluminium details are often found in European furniture. If you’re aiming for the vintage look in your living room, opt for large chesterfield chairs or club seats with tufting and fringing. These elements lend a touch of grandeur that is unique to that part of the world. Metallic detailing doesn’t just work on furniture such as shelving units, dining tables, cabinets and door frames, but it can also be incorporated in photo frames and mirrors. Mirrors help reflect positive energy in a room and also make a small room appear bigger.

Get The Light Elements Right

European lighting is all about grandeur and elegance. So if you are aiming for a European-style home, ditch those fancy LED lights for something a little more old-school. We are thinking chandeliers, candle stands, tiffany lamps, wall sconces and the like. Choose fittings with a brass finish to ape the exact silhouette from European architecture. Not only are these fixtures extremely pleasing to the eye, but they are also timeless! So, regardless of how modern your home is, these simple light fixtures are an easy way to introduce the European aesthetic to your home. 

Flaunt Your Photographs On A Gallery Wall

Have a focal wall in your living room that flaunts a deep-coloured wallpaper. Wallpapers are often sprinkled across European cafes and homes, as they are easy to maintain and add a neat finish to interiors. Make this wall your very own gallery by putting up photo frames of different sizes, shapes and designs. Display memorable moments and achievements of your family on this wall. Reserving the entire wall for pictures ensures there’s always room for more to come. Not only will this add great character to your living room, but it also gives your home a soothing personalized touch. It is a great way to add a classic interior feel to your home on a budget. 

Pamper Yourself With A Victorian Bathroom

Go all out in your quest for European architecture and invest in a classy Victorian-style bathroom. A refreshing change from the latest bathroom trends, Victorian-style bathrooms has their unmatched charm. Think of carved foot tubs, wood tile flooring, French windows, a classic stool and leisure weekend lounging in your tub. What’s not to love about this idea?

Wrap Up

We hope the above ideas take you closer to your dream home!


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