How To Get The Best Out Of A Facebook Business Page


Facebook is currently one of the most influential social media platforms and with this, using Facebook to advertise or market a business is highly recommended. Marketing to Facebook has many advantages, aside from the fact that it can reach a great amount of readers, possible patrons and market, it is not expensive to advertise any items, product or services, here.

Advertisers or business owners only need to create a business page to start up their marketing and in some cases, creating a page on Facebook is free unless they want to take advantage of the marketing boost the site offers.


How To Maximize The Effectiveness Of A Facebook Business Page

Just like playing Vegas Slots, winning can only be achieved if the right processes and techniques are used. Below are some helpful tips when using Facebook business page:

Create a business page and not a personal profile

Do not get deceived between these two accounts, personal profile is different from a business page. A business page can be liked while personal accounts cannot. Once the page is liked, members can automatically receive updates from the business on their timeline.

Setting up a business page is easy and takes a few minutes to complete. Follow the step by step guidelines from Facebook when creating an account.

Use a great and interesting cover photo

Make the cover photo of the page highly interesting and appealing. The cover photo must make the target market interested to know more about the product or service the company offers. The more appealing the photo is, the better.

Changing the cover photo once in a while is a good idea.

Make your profile photo recognizable

One of the things the viewers will see is the business profile photo, this same goes with personal accounts, hence the profile photo must introduce the business. Using the business logo or the business name is a good idea.

Changing the profile photo often is not highly recommended, as this may cause confusion from the viewers.

Use the “About” section of the page wisely

The about section of the business page must comprise of all the information a customer needs to know about the business. Making sure that all information is detailed and accurate is necessary. A little flaw in the information may bring not only confusion but questionable integrity as well.

Be responsive to customers messages

Make sure that all questions and inquiries of customers are responded immediately. Getting the “very responsive to message” tag from Facebook is an indication of the business reliability. Letting customers wait for responses is definitely not good business practice.

Let customers give their ratings

Encourage customers to rate the business or give feedback. Good or bad ratings as long as it is responded to immediately can help the business owners improve their products or services even more. This is also an indication that the business is open to communicate with their customers.

Most customers depend on the business rating when looking for a business to call or hire. 


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