How to get 1000 likes for Instagram


Instagram’s market is tough – there are thousands of brands and businesses fighting for their place under the sun. 

Even though it used to be enough to simply post an image to grow your business, those days are long gone.

Today, Instagram has over 600 million users, and you have to find a way to break through. It may seem simple but getting 1000 likes on your post is not an easy job.

First of all, you need to have a great number of followers and even then you can’t count for sure they’re going to be engaged on your posts. 

It’s all up to you, your effort and your originality. It will all come down to the visuals, as Instagram is an extremely visual social platform – your audience will be attracted to the look of your posts and will judge your brand based on its look.

Luckily, there are many strategies and tips to get more followers and likes! If you struggle with maintaining your brand, likes and number of followers, make sure you reach out to Easy Fans where you can help yourself by buying likes or views. 

But, let’s start from the beginning – here are some tips and strategies you can try out!

IGTV Content

Statistics say that users spend on average 53 minutes per day on Instagram. With that being said, a great amount of time they spend watching IGTV videos.

IGTV is like a mini YouTube channel on Instagram where people post various kinds of content, from educational to entertainment. 

This is a great way to be discovered by your potential fans, as videos are generally more popular and engaging than photos.

Channel for IGTV can be made by downloading the app and logging in with your account. When the app syncs with your account, you’ll be able to watch, post, upload and share your videos whenever you want. 

Another thing you can do is to link your ads to your IGTV content. This is a new Instagram’s feature that allows you to monetize your IGTV videos and help you to boost followers.

From this, it may be concluded that your popularity can grow with IGTV, which means it can bring you more likes and followers!

Instagram Stories

Your Stories should be engaging for your audience. They have a big impact on your success – Stories are used by more than 500 million users every day. 

They help you to keep your followers and to engage them with your content and brand. Plus, you can add hashtags that help you to be discovered by a wider audience, which leads, of course, to more likes!

You need to make sure you post something fun and interesting. That way you can show you are active and you care about the reputation of your brand. 

Because of their 24-hours duration, you can post Stories every day. To keep them on your profile, you can add them to your highlights, which allows your fans to see the post whenever they want.

Keep up with your Instagram analytics

Paying attention to Instagram analytics can help you to learn about what works for your followers and what doesn’t.

There are Instagram audience analytics and Individual post analytics. The first one analyzes top locations, age range, gender and hours and days your followers are the most active on your profile.

Individual post analytics includes interactions, discovery, new follows, reach, impressions, saves and comments for a single post.

Partnering with influencers and other brands

This is probably the safest way that guarantees an increase in the number of likes or followers.

People trust influencers, they listen to what they have to say and appreciate their opinion. That’s why partnering with influencers for a post or marketing campaign compliments your brand. It helps you to reach your target audience and increases your credibility. 

Partnering with brands does the same thing – if your product is relevant for the other brand, you can make a deal for hosting a giveaway. 

This is very engaging and helps both of you to gather more likes and followers.

In addition to these strategies, there are many more – creating Instagram Reels, pitching your brand in your bio, adding your Instagram QR code, etc.

If your final goal is to have more likes than you have now, work your way through to stand out from the crowd.

Every strategy can be successful if it’s done right. 

However, to get you going, Easy Fans offers you an incredible chance – buy Instagram likes, views and followers! On the website you can find many packages, so make sure you pick the one most suitable for you. Once you’re done, the sky’s the limit.


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