How to Find Out the Type of Marketer Your Business Needs

Marketer Your Business Needs

Even if you’re working with great agencies and freelancers, the marketing efforts may feel disconnected. If you want to focus on SaaS customer acquisition you need the right marketer for it.

Businesses often fill this yawning gap with the help of freelance partners.

They might have external resources and in-house team members that coordinate things and manage projects.

Without a marketing plan or leader to guide the efforts your partners are siloed into independent projects and lack a clear direction.

Experienced marketers are however a different breed. They vet agencies, know which freelancers are good, choose the ones you need, and manage those relationships really well. You will get more juice out of these partnerships with their help. ContactOut for instance has an email finder tool that you can use to find and contact prospects.

You may also need a marketing automation software to help you.You have ideas but no strategy behind that.

You wouldn’t know if your objectives are in pursuit of a shiny mirage or if there’s something real behind it.

Your team may have plenty of ideas on how to market your business. However, these efforts are not very effective if you can align marketing activities to a solid plan. If you execute every strategy you will burn through resources and won’t generate enough revenue.

When you hire a marketer and give them a seat at the table they can create a marketing plan that will help you strategize and filter out what doesn’t work. This establishes focus.

You can keep pace with competitors

If you’re using the same old strategies you will fall behind competitors and miss tons of opportunities that you can use to engage audiences. You should rather offer free trials, offer discounts and win customers.

A marketer can update your business on trends, techniques, and assets which are essential to keep your company profitable. Marketing focused content that you can get from Byword can put your marketing into overdrive. To find the right marketer, the best thing to do is jump on a call using something like Amelia with them. A marketer can create your digital sales strategy, help you with sales content management and also with pipeline management.

Monitor what other competitors are doing and be careful to not reveal your strategy. A good marketer keeps the pulse on trending marketing strategies. You will be focused on the right investments.

Before you go and put on your hiring cap, you must understand the kind of marketer with the marketing mindset you need for your business.

What type of marketer does your business need?

Understanding why you need a marketer is the first step.

Additionally, you need procreate brushes for your design, to design landing pages and other elements.

The first step is to realize that you need a market for your business. The second aspect is a bit tricky, where you identify what type of marketer your business needs.

Start by answering these questions:

  • What’s meant by healthy growth in your business and how can marketing help achieve that growth?
  • Decide who will be accountable for the failure or success of your marketing activities. This role may have been previously played by your CEO or sales team leader.
  • Do your marketing activities call for a strategic leader who can execute and strategize or do you need someone who simply carries out day-to-day marketing roles?
  • Do you need a full-time marketer or a fractional marketing officer
  • What skills do you need internally say content, design, analytics, technology, or lead generation?

If you’re doing it at first, finding the right marketing leader is daunting. Growing businesses often hire marketers with very little experience and expect extraordinary results from them. They aren’t generally able to deliver. You can expect a rising star in your company to cover a few aspects of marketing and leadership but not everything. Keep that in mind.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How do I hire a marketing professional?

Discovering the right marketing professional isn’t the easiest task at hand. When looking for someone who’s an expert at so many different things, there are two things to consider. One, whether you should hire them right away, and 2. If you should hire them for some of their services and one-off projects.

Is hiring a marketer worth it?

Hiring a marketing agency is sometimes a better option for businesses that want to invest their time into more of the technical aspects of running the business and automating the marketing aspect. Sometimes you need something more. It takes a normal seo service to a professional seo service, the branding alone.

This brings you great results over the long term. One of the main reasons why brand identity is important is that it helps businesses build trust and credibility with their audience and the brand identity is the best place to advertise your business.

When should I hire my first marketer?

Depends on the size and scope of your business. But at times it’s beneficial to hire a marketer as soon as you start growing your business.


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