How to Design a Website That Increases Your Sales

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By Ayla Anderson

No matter what your business is, whether you have a small or big business, provides the professional and great design for your website. A good-looking design for your products and services for increasing your sales.

Nowadays most people use smartphones or PCs, most of them are looking for online websites to buy their stuff. How your website design is great and impressive, your visitors want to spend their time on your site and see your products.

The more you improve your design the more sales and engagement you get. People want to see other services you have and talk about your products. It’s even good for your SEO ranking; the more visitors come to your site and spend their time on it, the better it is for you and your site.

Now, we will provide you with some tips that can help you with your website design planning and tips to increase your sales. So keep reading to figure things out, and increase your number of sales. 

A Website development company can give you a hand with your design.

Load Time Site

If you have a low-speed load time site, you are losing your visitors on the site. Try to speed up your website. Thus you don’t miss your sale and visitors. With website design, you can have a high-speed load time. 

For faster load timing, some sites can help you with your URL. You better know that at the time you are improving your web design, your business is growing, and your sales are increasing. So first think about web designing.

Optimize Website for Mobile

Optimize Website for Mobile

Remember that mobile is an easy to use device for people, they can carry it anywhere and anytime they want. Most people worldwide are using their smartphones to search. 

By having mobile friendly design visitors who come to your site, have a comfortable adventure with mobiles. 

Responsive websites can even help you to load your site image faster. 

So, for optimizing your site for mobile, there are some points you should think of. Having a mobile-friendly design, responsive website design, or even optimizing for mobile traffic can help you have a better site design and others can simply visit your products.

Use Responsive Web Design

As you can see responsive design ensures that your site conforms to all devices users use. There is no need to worry about the small device because while using a responsive site, your site fits a smaller screen. It gives a great experience for users no matter what their devices are. And because some people want to search and buy things from their mobile; responsive website design can help you to increase your sales.

Color, Font, and White Spaces 

Color, Font, and White Spaces

Color can attract people to things you want them to see. Try to use the right color for your site. For instance, use red for the call to action button, people will notice it.

To choose a good font for your site. For having a clean site it’s better to choose 2-3 fonts. Some sites can help you find the best font for your site.

Also, don’t forget to have white spaces on your site. It will help you increase your sales. It’s a tricky way for web design. With white spaces, visitors won’t be distracted on the site and they will focus on your products. While you use white spaces, visitors focus on basic information, stay on the site, engage more on it, and it leads to an increase in your sales for your business.

Organize Site Navigation

Organize Site Navigation

Give users a clear road map of your site. Make the navigation easy to use and understand. Organizing navigation helps others to find your products or services faster and easier. Then it’s good for you to grow your business and increase your sales. 

But remember it’s better to remove navigation from the checkout page. Give visitors two options: continue the process or leave the site. Try to create a checkout page as simply as possible.  

Also, a search box for searching keywords can help visitors find their way easily. Put a search box somewhere others see; next to the navigation or at the top of the page, for example. The easier users find their needs, the better it is for your business sales.

As you see, an essential part of your customer journey on your site depends on the way your site navigates your customers. 10 top web design companies will help you build a clear road map of your site.

Build Trust with Associations, Testimonials, and Case Studies

Build Trust with Associations, Testimonials, and Case Studies

It’s hard to build trust and it may be a long process. But with the association, testimonials, and even case studies you can ensure people that they can trust your site, your business, your services, and your products.

By testimonials, you can show images of your staff and case studies about your services or products to the visitors.

For example, tell your visitors what your costumes feel and think about your service. Show them others feedback on your products. Ask users to give you data about your brand and share it on your site. You can offer a money back guarantee. It can be an effective way for visitors to pay attention to it.

Engage with Your Visitors

Engage with Your Visitors

Have engagement with your visitors; ask them if they have questions. Ensure them that if they have problems you will give them a hand with their problems and solve them. Give them an Email address or a number to communicate with you. If visitors ask questions, answer them politely and patiently. Proverbially, first, thank them for their patience and then solve the problem. 

Even you have the opportunity to invite visitors to come back to your site and see other offers you give them by Email address. 

Show the Most Popular Products

Visitors and your customers may enjoy showing them your most popular product and details. It can affect them; they buy that product. For showing your most popular brand; you can change the color of that product, change the size of it, add the most popular on the top of it, or offer that product to visitors by using a pop-up.


Every business is thinking about increasing their sales. They all try to make their products better and handy. Besides their products and services, the site design can be a great option for attracting customers and making them loyal. Design a website is a usable way to increase your sales and grow your business.

These days, technology is improving day by day. You should consider that people are using smartphones more and more. They have mobiles all the time. Even when they want to buy some stuff, they prefer to buy them online. 


For having a mobile friendly website, for those who use mobile; responsive web design is the best idea to fit your site on small or big screens. The faster your load time site is, the better it is for your site and your business. Choose the right font and color for your site, it will give you a hand by keeping visitors on your site. Don’t distract people on your product page. Give visitors organized navigation to navigate them. Ensure people with your products and services. Communicate with your visitors, ask your customer what they feel about your services. Show others your popular products and their feedback. 

Always know that your customers come first, watch out for your competitors, and try to be better than you already are.

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