How to Choose the Right Amazon Marketing Agency

Amazon Marketing Agency

Amazon has grown to become one of the world’s most powerful companies, and the worldwide epidemic has further widened its reach. Unfortunately, success entails more than simply your Amazon page. Choosing the right Amazon marketing agency might differ between becoming a successful Amazon seller and becoming a flop.

  • What is an Amazon agency?
  • What exactly do they do?
  • Why would a company seek to work with an Amazon agency, and how do you identify the best one for you?

These are some of the questions that will arise when a business decides to work with Amazon. Whether a business is selling on Amazon or merely advertising on the e-commerce site, the knowledge of an Amazon Agency can greatly help them.

Amazon is rapidly growing its e-commerce offerings, including inventory and content, as well as search and display advertising, targeting, video, and reporting. To grow your Amazon business, you must take on a great deal of responsibility and opportunity. 

More than 2.5 million sellers compete for Amazon customers’ attention. Only 10% of these businesses make more than $100,000 in revenue per year. In the marketplace, just a few sellers are making big money.

Are you an Amazon seller that is having difficulty attracting buyers? Would you like to expand your store’s customer base and boost sales?

Improve your store’s visibility, attract more customers and boost sales by working with an Amazon marketing firm with proven results.

What is an amazon agency, and how can it help you?

Companies that provide Amazon-related services are known as Amazon agencies. It’s a one-stop-shop for all of your marketing and planning requirements.

Instead of working with many agencies to handle your PPC, Amazon SEO, branding, and photography needs, you can work with a single agency that can handle them all.

Because they offer a wide range of services, they can help you with anything from account setup to PPC campaign and listing optimization to customer support, after-sales services, and account management.

Why will a business choose to work with an amazon agency?

Choosing to sell on Amazon necessitates extensive knowledge, experience, and resources entirely committed to the Amazon business. Sadly, many businesses cannot do so and depend on a third-party agency for support. These are some of the advantages of working with an Amazon agency:

  • Flexibility and higher capacity

An agency can give the extra labor needed to get the work done for individuals who already have experience. Starting quickly is important in everyday business, especially when introducing new products, entering a new market, or expanding your product line. Setting this up internally might be difficult; therefore, an external partner can be extremely helpful in setting up at least the first stages and possibly providing continuing assistance.

  • Specialist expertise and experience

You may not have adequate expertise in the Amazon industry (content production and advertising, administration and strategic assistance) or understanding of the categories. It’s possible that you already know a lot about Amazon but are looking for a specialist in your category to understand better and improve your results.

Agencies have whole teams dedicated just to Amazon, making them specialists in all of these areas. They may also assist you with expanding your expertise by guiding you through the Amazon process.

  • Visibility

On Amazon, visibility is changing quickly, that extra help is necessary to stay up. To gain and retain significant visibility, you must adopt a proactive rather than a passive strategy, and agencies have the experience and personnel to help you.

  • Unofficial audit

An agency can also use its knowledge to undertake an “audit” by taking a snapshot of a company’s internal team’s setup and operations. From a professional stance, the agency can identify what is working and what isn’t – for example, look at the advertising activity or content and analyze the market position and competitor activity to see where there is room for improvement and how to capitalize on it.

What makes a good Amazon advertising agency?

  • Experience of the Amazon marketplace 

The experience that every competent Amazon agency has already gained is invaluable. They’ve seen what works and what doesn’t regarding growth methods. In other words, you gain from the agency’s previous “mistakes,” or rather, the lessons learned from them. After that, you can apply the “best of” measures and techniques to your Amazon business.

Working with an agency with experience with your type of product is certainly beneficial. This allows the agency to understand how your competitors are presenting themselves, which features of your product customers value most, and how to brand and sell your product most effectively.

  • A team of professionals

Marketing alone will not be enough to transform your Amazon store into a successful business. Other important factors must be considered, such as correct store layout, product listing optimization, brand-specific creatives, PPC management, etc.

A one-person team won’t be able to do everything. As a result, working with a broad team of professionals is a hallmark of a successful Amazon marketing agency.

  • Transparency

Transparency is essential in any partnership. This holds for Amazon agencies as well. This means that they are completely open and honest with you about prices and outcomes.

No professional full-service agency will offer you unrealistic outcomes (e.g., a 200 percent rise in profit in only two months) or guarantee that there will be no hidden fees upfront because unanticipated changes or adjustments are unavoidable. No agency on the planet, no matter how skilled, will be able to predict them.

As a result, you should constantly plan for unexpected costs and project delays. An excellent agency will be upfront and honest with you from the beginning about the charges you will almost certainly incur, the costs you could incur and the possibility of delays.

  • Core service implementation

A tested procedure makes all the difference in the agency world. It’s the only way to ensure that new clients get consistent results.

Working with an agency without a robust procedure is like taking a gamble. It works part of the time, but not all of the time.

Successful agencies will tailor processes to your specific need, but they should have a solid foundation with a track record.

  • Communication

Partnering with a full-service Amazon agency makes communication easier than coordinating with many service providers.

Your contact person at a reputable Amazon agency is available 24/7.

If the account manager assigned to you becomes ill or goes on vacation, the agency guarantees that a qualified replacement is available.

A reputable agency keeps you updated on progress, setbacks, and plans revisions regularly, generally through written reports and/or regular phone calls, such as every two weeks on a predetermined weekday.

  • An impressive portfolio

It’s imperative to look at who an agency has previously worked with before deciding.

This may be found in their client portfolio.

This is also an important feature because it offers you an idea of the types of businesses the agency normally works with.

Great Amazon marketing agencies take it further by boasting a diverse client list.

  • Flexibility

A great degree of flexibility is another essential trait of a strong Amazon agency.

The Amazon environment is continuously changing: changes in rules result in new opportunities or limits, necessitating the adaptation of some aspects of the strategy.

  • Compliance

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts in life. Practically every short-cut is a black hat technique.

And you can nearly guarantee that your account will be suspended sooner or later if you employ these shortcuts.

A credible and competent Amazon agency would never advocate such black hat practices but would completely adhere to all guidelines to avoid putting your business in danger.

What is the best way to work with an Amazon marketing agency?

Expect to go through the following processes if you want to work for a great agency:

  • Filling a form

When you go to an agency’s website, the first thing you should do is fill out an inquiry or contact form.

Forms for basic information about the business are usually available.

It’s also your first chance to tell them about your needs and how you’d want them to assist you.

You should receive a response from any well-run agency within 24 hours. 

  • Discovery session

Experienced Amazon marketing agencies recommend a one-on-one consulting session.

This is expected, as it allows you to express your demands and speak with a marketing professional directly.

  • Research and recommendations

No two businesses are the same. Great agencies take what you tell them over the phone and do extensive research to develop ideas specific to your Amazon business.

  • An official proposal and a contract

You can learn more about whether or not partnering with an agency is a good fit by looking over their recommendations.

Following that, you’ll normally receive a proposal and contract outlining the terms of your cooperation.

  • Project management

When dealing with an Amazon marketing agency, project management is quite important.

An excellent agency will take you through an official client onboarding procedure to ensure that all sides understand who does what and when.

During this phase, you’ll learn who your account manager (the expert in charge of your project) is and receive a complete project scope, deliverables, and deadline.

How to choose the right Amazon Agency

  • Know your budget and expectations

Before you start looking for an Amazon agency, you should consider exactly what you want and need. Write them down on a piece of paper.

Your budget may be insufficient to cover everything you’ve just written down. As a result, you must prioritize your needs.

For example, if your PPC efforts are underperforming and are your primary concern right now, you should prioritize them.

After that, consider your financial situation. Instead of a single figure ($50), consider a range ($5–10,000).

As previously said, unexpected costs might arise during the project, so it’s always a good idea to have some cash on hand.

  • Conduct a search  

It’s time to start looking for Amazon agencies now that you know what you want and what you can spend. Go on Google and search for Adsense media group.

  • Interview

Interviewing a potential agency is the final stage before signing a contract.

In conclusion, your business needs marketing to stand out from the crowd, get found on Amazon when potential buyers search for the products you sell and give your business a chance. This is where an Amazon marketing agency can help.


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