How to Become a Part-Time CFO


Are you looking for a career change? Is it time to switch from a full-time job to a part-time role that gives you a better work-life balance? If you have a background in financial management or operations, becoming a part-time CFO might be right up your street.

The role of CFO is continuedly evolving becoming one of the most important within the c-suite leadership team. It’s no longer just balancing budgets and financial forecasting. A part-time CFO plays an active role in the strategy and development of the company they work for. It’s becoming one of the most interesting finance-based roles across almost every industry.

FD Capital is a leading boutique financial recruitment agency specialising in full-time, part-time, and interim CFOs. They’re sharing five things you can do to become a part-time CFO and how to find the right company for you.

1. Choose a niche to specialise in

Like any career, you want to have a niche. Many companies hire part-time CFO and fractional CFO to work with them on a per-project basis, with a specific focus in mind. It may be fundraising, restructuring, or overseeing the strategy for a new product launch. Decide what niche you’re interested in and focus your search on companies that complement this.

2. Work with a specialist recruitment agency

It’s easy to think that finding a part-time CFO position is like hunting for a diamond in the rough. The best choice you can make is to work with a specialist recruitment agency. They work with both financial professionals and businesses to connect them where they match with each other. 

FD Capital Recruitment is one of the leading agencies for part-time CFO roles. They work with companies that offer remote and in-person positions, depending on your preferences.

3. Gain experience within your current role

If you’re looking to transition to the role of CFO, beginning part-time is an ideal way to gain experience. Most start-ups and small businesses choose to hire on a part-time basis, allowing you to build up your CV and become more familiar with the job role. 

Before you can do that, you want to find ways to gain experience within your current role. Look out for opportunities to build your leadership, team building, forecasting, and strategy skills. 

4. Focus on your leadership skills

As a CFO, you’ll be expected to become a leader within the company and oversee different employees. Find ways to develop your leadership skills both inside and outside the office. Every company wants to find a candidate who can hit the ground running as a company leader.

5. Stay ahead of industry trends

To be a successful part-time CFO, you need to stay ahead of industry trends. Be proactive and do your research. Understanding trends and where the industry is going will impress your potential employer and show your potential as a CFO.

You can start your journey to becoming a part-time CFO by reaching out to FD Capital today. They specialise in connecting financial professionals with start-ups and small businesses that match their skills and interests. Find out more about FD Capital by visiting


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