How Content Writing Can Increase Traffic To Your Website


Content writing is heightening in popularity as a marketing strategy across all businesses worldwide. Blog posts keep the conversation going amongst clients and followers, discussing evergreen and on-trend topics pertaining to a website’s niche.

How can you capitalize on content writing to boost traffic to your company website? Log on to your word processor and let’s get started!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Enhances Your Website’s Search Engine Rankings

Search engine optimization, otherwise known by its acronym SEO, is the art of increasing your ranking on search engines so that more people notice your website when they type in keywords related to your niche. The best way to practice good SEO techniques is to include industry-related keywords in your blog posts a certain number of times.

For example, target keywords should appear at least three times in an article: once in the beginning, a second time in the body of the post, and a final appearance at the end. Secondary keywords can appear throughout the article at least once to twice.

However, you want to balance out how many keywords you include and how many times they appear in a blog post. If you include a keyword one too many times in content writing, a search engine will consider that keyword stuffing, which drops you down in the ranking rather than elevating.

Helps Other Website Sections Be Explored

When writing a blog post, you can include what are called hyperlinks. They take you to web pages within the website or to credible sources outside of the original website the reader is browsing.

For example, if you are writing about the casino, you would hyperlink to something like this: casino online. Readers can click on the link to view additional background information to enhance their clarity of the blog post’s subject.

Internal links take the client to different parts of the website to explore more information. 

External links show clients where you sourced the information for your blog post. Citing sources is one way to enhance your credibility as a business because you are giving the proper credit to the original writer of that content and placing it in unique words so as to not commit plagiarism.

Engages Your Clients

Content writing is a great way to engage clients. If they want to learn more about your website’s niche, they can simply visit your blog posts. Even if they do not read the blog post in its entirety, clients can learn something new just by searching for a topic and browsing the post for a couple minutes

You would not believe how many blogging topics can come from just one niche. Get creative and think of as many topics as you can. If you are having trouble generating enough topics to publish on your blog at least once to twice a week, ask your clients what they want to learn about the website’s niche. Send out emails with surveys or ask them in a post on one of your social media handles to receive input.

Expert tip: If you are not an avid writer, you can hire a Freelance Writer that specializes in SEO to write the blog posts for you. Alternatively, you can hire a content writing company that will assign a writer to your blog post to write it for you.

Sets You Apart From Competitors

Businesses that do not have a blog are missing out on an integral marketing tool. You will have more information available to clients by regularly adding new content to the company website. The more SEO-enriched content that you have for readers to browse, the higher the traffic to your website as posts from it come up in more search engine results.

It’s Time to Take Action!

Think about what topics your clients want to know about your niche. Generate a list of topics to get you started with blog posting for your company website today!


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