How CeDeFi Is Different from DeFi


With the revolution in the financial system, most people are concerned about to what extent it can go in the future. With the introduction of decentralised finance, many promising factors have evolved, such as bringing transparency to the crypto industry throughout the world. But after this, a new concept in the crypto industry has evolved which is the Centralised DeFi. This concept is said to have brought new dimensions to the financial market. Hence, debates are going on all around the world with respect to CeDeFi as well as DeFi and how it can change the financial market throughout the world. For more information, you can visit

Here we are going to find the implications that CeDeFi vs. DeFi can have in the future:

Understanding CeDeFi:

CeDeFi stands for centralised decentralised finance. This concept in usage as well as possesses similarities with DeFi and provides similar benefits to the users with more supervision as well as better centralised decision-making. These protocols are under the supervision of either an individual or a group of individuals. Hence, this concept has emerged to have better governance as well as functions as compared to decentralised finance. When it comes to usage they are much faster than the DeFi. This protocol does not have an extensive community involvement as well as they are also censorship-resistant. Hence all these factors make CeDeFi a better usage phenomenon in comparison to the DeFi phenomenon.

Features Of CeDeFi

  • CeDeFi is based on Ethereum, which means they have more decentralised usage and any kind of failure is not possible in this concept.
  • This protocol has flexible usage which means that it can be customised in different ways to offer additional products.
  • They are vastly accessible by everyone provided they possess an Ethereum wallet.
  • One other such feature of this platform is the feature of interoperability that is provided by this phenomenon.

Some Differences Amongst DeFi Vs. CeDeFi

  1. One of the key differences between defi and cedefi is the approach they follow for decentralisation. Where on the one hand defi is decentralised, and CeDeFi is centralised in its working. This approach is reflected in its development as well as governance process in the projects it takes up.
  2. The way both of these ideas are being governed is also another difference amongst both of them. Where CeDeFi is looked after by a sole entity or organisation, the defi projects on the other hand are regulated by the developers by forming a community.
  3. Apart from being governed differently, there is also variation in the ways CeDeFi as well as DeFi’s developmental process. In the case of CeDeFi there is a single entity looking after the developmental process but in the case of DeFi, being a decentralised network, it has got different developers at different levels.
  4. When it comes to having a user base, both the finances possess a vast majority of people following them. On the one side, CeDeFi focuses on providing financial services to the centralised products, and DeFi focuses on decentralised products.
  5. Lastly, if we see the risk factors involved in both mechanisms, we can say that both possess their own level of risks. CeDeFi can be said to be more on the risky side due to its being centralised.


The article discusses the differences between the newly emerging phenomenon which is CeDeFi and DeFi. Although both have similarities in their function, certain things make both of them different from each other. I hope to have made clear these two concepts of the digital industry.


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