How can Instagram Stories help Your Business Grow?

The new generation of business people could not live without Instagram, to help them grow their company. However, their elders are not necessarily savvy, regarding how to use Instagram stories to reach more people, and gain market share. Here is an introduction on how to utilize them, in order to create more leads and turn them into sales.

They augment Your Brand Visibility

Although there are more and more visibility outlets for brands, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to get their share of the spotlight. A well-established brand like Gucci, simply had to announce the launch of a new collection, for people to line-up on the street, in front of the boutique, only a decade ago. Now, even before the sanitary crisis happened, people don’t head to the stores anymore, simply because a brand announces a novelty. They look it up online, and if they like it, they order it.

This changes the sales dynamic entirely. No one can actually “help the sale” to be closed anymore, since people make their decision, alone, in their office, or at home. Therefore, visibility of brands, on social media, is crucial. But the quality of the posts is also a very important element. That is why so many companies choose to create an Instagram post with a template, instead of just going at it, from scratch. It guarantees them a level of quality, which today is requested by such app users. Quantity is also of the essence. A study shows that brands that posts more than five times per day have a retention rate of followers over 70%.

They help You react and adjust Your Products Rapidly

One of the great advantages of social media is that you get feedback instantly. If you are willing to keep an open mind, you can then adapt accordingly, in view of what your followers think of your product. It also implies to your marketing campaign, as a whole. When you place an ad in a magazine, a newspaper or on TV, you don’t necessarily know what people think of it. When you use an Instagram story, you are bound to get some kind of reaction from your audience, in the form of comments, stickers or emoticons. You can even decide to make some tests on this media in order to decide which visuals and messages you will use, in the weeks to come, on all your communication platforms. It reduces the risk greatly of missing your target entirely.

They bring your Customers Closer

There is a need for customers to identify with brands today. Instagram stories are very helpful when it comes to that part. That is because they let you enter into their lives, differently. By posting videos and images of the staff, the work, the fabrication of the product, you provide them with info on which they can sympathize. If you manage to find the right way, to let them have a view of the company, as if looking through a window, it will go a long way towards customers’ loyalty.

They get Rapid Results

Because Instagram users tend to open their app every day, you can get to your target audience, whenever you want to. That means that on given days, if you intend to have a sale or some kind of promotion, you will be able to let them know it is going on, the moment it starts. You can continue to increase sales, during that period, by creating special offers for your Instagram followers, that they can benefit from, instantly. There aren’t that many marketing tools that can provide you with such an immediate result. That is in great part why it is so important to develop a strong strategy, when it comes to your company’s Instagram stories.


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