How Can Animation Make Your Advertising Campaign A Big Success?


By Komal Kokate

There’s some magic in animated videos which makes them one of the most loved video styles by people of all age groups.

Did you know? On average, users watch approximately 1-2 hours of videos every single day!

Considering the massive consumption of videos by users, businesses have started to leverage this huge opportunity by laying more emphasis on videos as compared to other media formats.

Well, there are numerous advantages of how animated explainer videos can help you end your advertising campaign with a bang!

But before we share with you those benefits, let us understand – What’s so fascinating about animated videos that make people go crazy?

Why Do People Watch Animated Videos More Than Other Video Styles?

Visuals grab users’ attention easily and as a result, they end up being shared exactly like how a wildfire spreads. Customers nowadays expect exciting videos from brands that resonate with their problems and offer them real solutions.

Through animation, businesses are constantly trying to produce such videos for their advertising campaigns, that help them explain their complex products in a simple manner.

Let’s grab a quick look at the reasons:

Are Highly Creative

By using animated video ads, brands can unlock creative freedom and ensure that they deliver all the necessary information about their product or service to their customers in a simplistic manner.

Are Unpredictable in Nature and Evoke Curiosity

Animated commercials play an important role in shaping the imagination about your product in the minds of users.

However, what’s more, interesting is how videos evoke different emotions of surprise, comfort, happiness, etc. Here, an explainer’s video script also plays a crucial role in making users guess what else is in store for them.

Use Exceptional Storytelling to Hook Viewers

Storytelling has to be one of the most underrated weapons in the video marketing industry. With the help of an effective storyline, brands have been fairly successful in establishing an instant connection with the viewers.

Provide Unique Content To Users

Every animated commercial video example is unique in itself as it is produced by a creator whose goal is to address the minds of his target users.

With the help of animated videos, ad campaigns can be made more fun by integrating special and appealing characters or illustrations. This will help boost the engagement rate on the videos.

Now that you know why people love watching videos, let’s understand the benefits of using explainer videos for your business:

Benefits of Using Animated Videos in Advertising

Helps In Grabbing Users’ Attention Easily

An animated video advertisement has enough potential to capture the attention of users. Videos armed with attractive animations and motion graphics help brands in engaging their target group of customers.

As per reports, 83% of viewers prefer watching video-based content over normal and boring textual content pieces. That’s quite an interesting statistic to inspire you to create your next animated explainer video.

Improves Website Traffic

Improved user experience and better explanations of products or services encourage users to visit the company website and know more about their offerings.

Video content boosts purchase intent by 97% and brings people to the company website, which also leads to an increase in web traffic.

Results In Higher Conversion Rates

Good videos educate users about a product or service. Great videos not only educate but also engage them into taking action. You would be surprised to know that explainer videos have the highest click-through rate across all media types.

Also, by embedding videos on landing pages, you can boost conversion rates by up to 73%. Video content enables marketers to capitalize on opportunities and strengthen brand value within the industry.

Provides An Effective ROI

Getting an animated explainer video produced is less expensive as compared to a Live commercial video. Such videos have proven capabilities to engage the audience and reflect a positive ROI for brands.

83% of marketers believe that video content positively increases the ROI. Also, it increases the business’s overall marketing practices and helps in creating a competitive advantage.

Knowing about the benefits is not enough. It’s also necessary to understand how brands can take maximum benefit by utilizing various types of videos available in the market.

Types of Animated Videos & Platforms On Which They Can Be Shared:

Animated Commercials

Marketers use animated videos to promote brand visibility and make target users familiar with their products. Animated commercials can be distributed through television advertisements, and also by posting videos on other digital media platforms.

Animated Promotional Videos

Animated promotional videos are specifically prepared to promote the brand’s products that help them drive sales. Such videos are generally focused on launching new products or services and creating awareness about them.

Animated Video Tutorials

Animated Tutorials are videos that transform complex product-related procedures and features into easy-to-understand concepts. Usually, tutorial videos are used by healthcare, IT firms, SaaS companies, etc.

Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

Explainer videos are valuable assets when it comes to building a community of your target audience. They help in engaging people with their fun animations and catchy illustrations.

Nowadays, brands are integrating videos in their campaigns to increase community-led activities which helps them in strengthening their brand value.

Social Media Platforms

Today, spending time on social media is one of the most important parts of people’s lives, and social media platforms have the potential to provide a large reach to businesses.

Although it’s difficult to create quick and engaging videos for social platforms, we cannot ignore the fact that posting videos here have yielded amazing results.


The website is the main page that reflects the brand and its activities. Using animated videos on the website can increase traffic and engage the user’s to know more about the brand and its offerings.

Landing Page

Businesses use landing pages to attract more people to the brand, and animated videos effectively deliver the right information and direct the users toward the direction the business wants.

Are you unsure about whether your business size will benefit from using animation videos or not? Let’s find out:

What Business Size Should Use Animated Videos?

Big Organizations

Many giant and industry-leading organizations use animated videos to advertise their products and services. Also, some believe in traditional approaches and do not prefer new trends, but the success rate of animated videos is much higher than other video styles.

Medium and Small Businesses

Medium and Small businesses also have the opportunity to address their audience by extending their market reach. Animated content has the potential to deliver information about your offerings and direct people into purchasing your products.

New Startups

These are businesses that focus on providing effective solutions to ongoing problems in the market. By using animated videos, they have an opportunity to target such segments of customers who are driven by modern-age products and ideas.

Individuals Marketers

Individual marketers or micro-business owners sometimes do not have enough funds to carry out large-scale ad campaigns. Animated videos can help them effectively address the target audience and boost their sales.

Almost every marketer can implement animated video content.

However, the question arises about the cost of an animated advertisement video.

Well, the cost of a 60-second animated advertisement video may range between $800 – $8000. It also depends on certain factors such as animation style, number of characters, etc.

Animated ads are suitable and budget-friendly for all types of marketers. Their price is not a major and affecting factor for businesses. Marketers can easily avail of video services from a well-experienced animated explainer video production company.

The fact that animation brings a new phase of advertising helps businesses to grab users’ attention and deliver all necessary information. Also, people prefer watching animated videos because of the creative elements.

Truly, animation is the future of advertising, and marketers know this. They can create a video by themselves for their business and achieve the target goals faster.

About the Author

Komal KokatKomal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO at MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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