How an Office Coffee Machine Can Benefit Employees

Coffee Machine

Whilst the UK is known to be a nation of tea drinkers, it will certainly come as no surprise to discover that in recent years the gap between tea and coffee drinkers is shrinking, with coffee increasingly becoming people’s hot beverage of choice.

The café culture, which has seen coffee shops, both independent and chain, springing up on the high street, coupled with free wifi, has helped to boost coffee sales. The wider availability of quality coffee machines at affordable prices has also contributed to this change.

If you have noticed more of your employees arriving at the office in the morning with a, hopefully recyclable, coffee cup in hand, then now may be a great time to consider investing in an office coffee machine that would really benefit your employees.

If you are not convinced, then read on as we explore some of the reasons having an office coffee machine could be a real benefit.

Coffee enhances productivity

Everyone knows that caffeine can wake you up. This isn’t hearsay but actually proven scientific fact. Caffeine is quick to absorb into the bloodstream and distribute itself around the body, including the brain. It works by blocking sleep-promoting receptors in the brain, making it easier to stay awake and alert. So a cup of coffee in the office could help your employees to feel more energised and therefore more productive.

Studies have even shown that in moderation, caffeine can increase attention span and enhance memory for up to 24 hours.

COFFEE STATISTIC: A staggering 67% of UK employees feel more productive after a coffee break.

Coffee decreases stress

Not only can coffee have a positive impact on physical well-being, it also helps with the release of dopamine, the hormone that actually makes us feel happy. Coffee is, in fact, a quick fix when it comes to this mood-enhancing natural hormone, and that is something that can really help when your day is challenging. Studies have also shown that coffee can help reduce anxiety levels. At some point, everyone finds work stressful, and coffee is a simple and inexpensive way of alleviating that.

COFFEE STATISTIC: In companies with over 20 employees, 83% reported that their employees said taking a coffee break with their colleagues helped to relieve stress. This figure was highest in creative industries, insurance/finance and HR.

Office coffee machines save employees money

There is no denying that a good cup of coffee comes at a cost and for those moments when a cup of instant coffee simply won’t do, a quick trip to the nearest coffee shop is usually the order of the day. Even at just one cup of coffee a day, this cost can quickly mount up. A recent article in Which, looked at the cost of buying a medium-sized Americano from a high street chain coffee shop every day for a year and came up with an annual cost of just over £1050. The article was actually looking at how you could save money by swapping to instant (365 cups of a well-known instant coffee coming in at around £15 for the year), and whilst we are not suggesting this, an office bean to cup machine would certainly help employees save money.

COFFEE STATISTIC: 36% (just over a third) of UK employees in positions of senior management assess a company by the quality of the coffee they serve.

Office coffee machines save time

If your employees want good coffee, then there is a good chance they will spend their coffee breaks popping out of the office to do coffee runs. Having access to an office coffee machine means that they will be able to use their coffee break for a proper break.

COFFEE STATISTIC: 53% of employees in the UK who regularly drink good quality coffee in the office say that during their coffee breaks, they have creative ideas.

Good coffee impresses clients

When it comes to making an impression, the old adage “first impressions count” is certainly true. Whether you are trying to impress new clients or established ones, there is nothing worse than offering a client a cup of coffee that isn’t great. An office coffee machine could really come into its own when you have clients visiting because image definitely matters.

COFFEE STATISTIC: Across all sectors of business, 77% of employees believe that serving great quality coffee in the office is essential for visitors and clients.

Coffee can improve working relationships

Recent studies have looked at the way in which companies can improve the set-up in their office spaces, with open-plan offices, hotdesking and break-out areas proving to be very beneficial when it comes to employee happiness and productivity. There is certainly something to be said for actually taking breaks away from your desk and socialising with colleagues. What better way to do this than with a good cup of coffee?

COFFEE STATISTIC: 81% of UK employees said coffee breaks help them build better relationships with colleagues.

There are some great coffee machines out there that can provide a great cup of coffee in the office, whether your drink of choice is an espresso, latte or americano. Whilst the idea of an office quality machine that uses ground coffee might seem a little daunting, there really is nothing to be worried about. With the right set-up and a little know-how you could be making quality coffee from great coffee beans in your office in no time.

Plus, if your office is trying to be more environmentally aware, then you could consider one of the more eco-friendly machines that are becoming increasingly popular on the market. Don’t forget to team it with some reusable cups as well. There really is a more sustainable angle when it comes to having great coffee at work, and it is something that every company should be considering.

With all these benefits to productivity, well-being and brand image, are you now considering looking into commercial coffee machine hire or purchase? If so, why not speak to the team here, where we’d be glad to help you find the right office coffee machine for your needs.


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