How a Virtual SEO Assistant Can Help You Scale Your Business


Consider this scenario – you are shopping for new home interiors for your house and decide to search online for the perfect coffee table. You type in “coffee table on Google,” and a list of various sites pops up on your search engine. Which links on the list did you gravitate towards?

Studies of over a billion search results have shown that over 25% of people opt for the first few links on the search engine. So what decides which links appear first on search engine results? The answer – Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO. So it’s pretty evident that if you want your business to stand out from your competition, you have to nail your SEO strategy

In this article, we will explore the importance of Search Engine Optimization, how it can be an integral part of your digital marketing, and why a virtual SEO assistant is the best option for your business.

The Impact of Search Engine Optimization on Businesses

Many businesses are under the misconception that SEO is an outdated concept and has no place in today’s digital marketing strategies. Some small companies might even consider it an unnecessary expense in their already limited budget. However, there could be nothing further from the truth. 

Since 2020, e-commerce has grown exponentially, over 33% in just 2020, which is nearly 800$ million. Though we are entering the post-pandemic era, online shopping is here to stay for various reasons – such as convenience, variety, technological advancements, and an overall better customer experience than in-store shopping. 

So, with many businesses opting for online shopping, it’s essential to do everything within your means to ensure your company doesn’t get lost in the sea of online search results. 

eCommerce growth

As for people who think SEO is an expense, it’s not. According to Search Engine Journal, inbound leads from SEO marketing cost 61% less than outbound leads such as cold calling. In addition, since Search Engine Optimization is not a paid form of advertising, unlike SEM, the only thing you have to spend on is a qualified SEO specialist. Hiring a virtual assistant can give you access to specialized skills that you may not have in-house. And if you choose to hire a virtual assistant to handle your business’ Search Engine Optimization, your expenses are reduced even further. 

Why Your Business Needs Search Engine Optimization

Helps Businesses Stay Relevant 

People are constantly browsing the internet for information. Google estimates approximately 63,000 search queries every second. So for your business to stay relevant and competitive in the market, it’s crucial to adapt to this new digital culture where any information you seek is just a few clicks away. 


This is a massive opportunity for small businesses to stand a chance to be discovered among the big names in the market. With the help of your SEO virtual assistant, you can specifically target your geographic region by using local SEO. Since 53% of search clicks go to the first link in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), a skilled SEO remote assistant will include all the relevant keywords in your headings and meta content to guarantee maximum results.

Helps Build Your Brand’s Credibility

Do not be mistaken; SEO is not just a way to trick surfers of the interweb into clicking on your website links. If used properly, Search Engine Optimization is a great way to put out informative and educational content on your website that also helps you establish authority and credibility in your field of work. That can be achieved in two ways –

On-page SEO: SEO content within your website and social media platforms within your domain.

Off-page SEO: this is a way of increasing your domain authority through backlinks by publishing content such as blogs on other websites.

SEO - Off page On Page

Regularly keeping your website updated with blogs and engaging with other websites in the internet community by contributing content to their pages is a long and time-consuming process. As a business owner, you might not have the time for it amid your busy schedule. By hiring a virtual social media assistant, you can keep your focus on growing your company and be assured that your business’s content is being taken care of professionally.

Brings In Organic Traffic 

Many business owners may be wary of trying SEO because it does not deliver results as quickly as other forms of targeted marketing, such as PPC. While using pay-per-click might sound tempting because of the instant results, it’s not sustainable in the long run. First, because PPC marketing is costly, and secondly, the results are very short-lived. 

Organic Traffic

With SEO, however, even though the results take longer to show, they remain stable for more extended periods, allowing you to experiment with more forms of content. Also, SEO brings in a higher ROI over time.

When it comes to search engines, people always prefer organic search results. People are less likely to trust advertised pages, which is seen in the results, as the first five organic results make for 67.60% of all the clicks on a SERP. A skilled virtual assistant will know how to make the most of SEO and leverage organic marketing to your brand’s advantage. 

Opens Up New Opportunities

We’ve spoken plenty about how SEO helps businesses attract local clients. However, SEO is a great way to expand your regular client base further. While earlier, people would need to come to the store to purchase your products physically, the advent of e-commerce makes it easier for people from all over the country, and even the world, to have access to your products.

New opportunities

With the help of a virtual social media assistant, you will be able to maximize your reach beyond your geographical location, attract a larger audience and drive more traffic to your website organically. There are approximately 263 million online shoppers in the United States, and now is a great time to take advantage of the situation by using SEO to increase your client base. 

Why Choose An SEO Virtual Assistant?

Whether you are a small business or are just getting started on your entrepreneurial journey, sometimes you may not have the budget, the office space, or the infrastructure to have a full-time marketing team. However, that does not mean that you need to compromise on the quality of work by doing it yourself or hiring an underqualified person due to a shortage of funds.

A virtual assistant is a highly-skilled individual contractor who works hourly, so you get excellent quality work without putting a big dent in your company budget. With virtual assistants, it’s easy to upscale and downscale your team according to business requirements. 

For better value, we suggest hiring virtual assistants who also have experience in social media, as they have a wide range of skills. Social media virtual assistants are trained in SEO, content writing, graphic design, and more, which makes them invaluable to your organization.

Great Content Deserves Great Ranking

As a business owner, you put your heart and soul into building your brand and your product, and it deserves to get as much attention and reach as possible. With a skilled virtual assistant, you can create the best content for your brand and make sure that it reaches the right audience. We hope you enjoyed this article and realized the importance of SEO in growing your business.

About the Author

Swapna is a content writer for Wishup based out of Chennai, India, with a background in Media and  Mass Communication.


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