House Moves 101: How To Make A Digital Move

Having a house move can be one of the best things to happen in your life, especially if you want to move to what you consider as your dream home. Moreover, it’s extremely appealing to the whole family to get to a much nicer home in a neighborhood you prefer, where you can finally set up cozily in your respective rooms and have all your favorite furniture set up. Moreover, you can finally call the shots with regards to where furniture and other accessories will be placed.

However, a house move can turn into a more complicated endeavor when you have to realize there’s a ton of people to contact and a ton more things to consider – such as your inventory, submitting your requirements, and other logistical concerns. It might be a bit too overwhelming for any journal or logbook to handle. However, you might want to try using your smartphone or gadgets to organize your move. After all, there’s always a way to use technology today to transform an ordinary house move into a digital move. Here’s how you can make it work: 

  • Go for digital submissions instead of physical ones. If possible, try to check whether things you need to submit can be submitted digitally instead of in physical formats. These include documentation that your home requires for utilities, or even forms your NYC Movers might need should you decide to hire them. Going for digital submissions of these requirements isn’t only eco-friendly, but it also saves a lot of time and space as you don’t necessarily have to organize meetings that require a lot of logistical effort on your end.
  • Create an inventory via the cloud. Instead of relying on a log book or a journal for your inventory, you should probably start organizing your inventory via an application or a spreadsheet that can be accessed by your entire family. This way, all members of your family will be able to update the information in the inventory at their own time and with their own pace. This also allows you to assign various inventory tasks to members of your family without everyone having to depend on a single physical logbook. A digital inventory not only allows you to identify items you want to keep, sell, or throw away, but also be kept as information you could use for other references such as when hiring movers that rely on weight to determine costs. 
  • Opt for digital calls and meetings. If you need to meet with important people such as movers, your real estate agent, or sellers of your new house, you may want to request having your meetings digitally or over conference calls in order to save time and space for having to travel to a certain meet up location. This way, all of you can still conveniently meet at your own time but you at least have the comfort of your own home or office in order to have a more comfortable call. 
  • Manage your moving schedule through apps and software for easy editing. Moreover, you can actually supervise your move much easier by making sure all tasks are scheduled within a convenient application or software. Thankfully, individual apps dedicated for moves are available on app stores which you can use to fully organize your move. However, you can also use ordinary calendar apps and software in order to align your moving timeline with those of the actual schedule. This system allows you to have a comprehensive moving timeline of interrupting your daily tasks such as school and work. 
  • Hire professionals from online service providers. You may notice that professional help may be the best kind of help you can get for your move, as their specialization and skillset can help you properly organize your move and its many needs. In this regard, you may want to hire moving companies nyc when moving from NYC to LA, which you can accomplish by looking for them via online community groups and interest forums, or even from compilations of services courtesy of various apps, pages, and even bloggers that tackle these niche topics. Thanks to social media and the information age, finding services appropriate for your needs has never become easier. 

House Moves: Get Digital!

With the above tips in mind, you should remember that it’s perfectly possible to transform your ordinary house move into a digital house move. While the steps needed to make this work can become a bit overwhelming at first, once you pull it off, you’ll enjoy a lot of benefits such as having more free time to use and being able to manage your move from the comfort of your home or even while doing work. Thanks to a digital move, you’ll be able to have a more nuanced approach to how you want to handle your digital move without having to worry about things such as losing a logbook. 


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