Home Automation for Productivity and Well-Being

Home automation has integrated into our lives not so long ago. However, we can already appreciate the many advantages that it has brought. It contributes heavily to people`s comfort, productivity, and well-being, in all the aspects:

  • Improves the design and increases the value of our homes;
  • It protects our accommodation from unwished visitors and intruders;
  • It helps us to save money by providing opportunities to use renewable energy and regulate energy consumption;
  • Increases the comfort level;
  • Increases efficiency during work and rest periods.

We at Progressive Automations take care of all the needed components to allow you to automate your home in a way you want. There, you can find electric actuators and systems for all your needs, whether it is an adjustable desk, or a popup shelf, or even automated TV lifts.

How Can You Possibly Automate the House?

With automated systems, you can turn our home into something extraordinary. To start with, you can install a height-adjustable desk in your home office. It will bring a lot of benefits for our health. Researches show that those who use height-adjustable or standing desks have fewer issues with the back. Such people don’t suffer from other sitting-related issues such as diabetes, obesity, fatigue, and similar.

A nice linear actuator system, some imagination and skills might help you to turn your kitchen into something completely new. What about automating your shelf for spices? Some people like automated shelves for kitchen utensils, doors, and so on. With a click of a button, you can remove everything that you do not need out of a sight. So, you always have all the needed things by hand, and your kitchen is still always neat without additional effort.

Automated TV lifts are a dream of many homeowners. Such TV lifts look just breathtaking if made properly. With a click of a button, you remove your TV when your favorite movie or TV show is over, and bring it back when you want to enjoy some free time.

For yacht owners, each automated device is a life-changing invention. They allow creating a wonderful space, with all the perks that people are used to, without taking the valuable space. Thus, it is possible to enjoy family gatherings, meetings with friends, to arrange business meetings, and so on, without being constrained.

Automated Devices to Take Care of Elderly People

An automated bed or chair is a great help when someone takes care of an elderly or disabled person. Adjusting the height, lowering a device reduces significantly the efforts connected with the change of clothes, washing, eating, and similar.

Automated wheelchairs allow many disabled people to live an independent life with much more comfort than they would have without an automated device.

Other Applications of Home Automation

Home automation is not only about adjustable systems. This term is much wider and includes all the devices and systems that collaborate to make your home more comfortable and safer. In this regard, home automation serves not only to create the space you need but to create the environment you need.

Automated Systems for Safety

Safety is not only about installing a lock or even several locks. Safety is when you know what is happening in your home and around it even if you are far away. Home automation allows you to check the situation at home and around your accommodation whenever you need it. Also, your security system sends you a notification whenever something suspicious is detected. You can decide and, which is more important, you have an opportunity to call the police office or firefighters when you need it.

Automated System for Comfort

With home automation systems, you can adjust the temperature to your preferred one when you are going home. If it is hot outside, adjust it to cooler values to enjoy the freshness of your house. If it is freezing outside, adjust the temperature inside so that your home greets you with cozy warmth when you enter.

Your automated home regulates energy consumption by turning off and dimming lights when you are out of the station. Solar lights allow you to use renewable energy, thus, reducing your bills immensely. A thermostat regulates the temperature to create comfort without wasting valuable resources. You can buy different styles of solar light fixtures available at ligmansolarlighting.com

Home Automation Makes Our Homes Not Only Better but More Expensive

Home automation increases the value of your home significantly. You might not worry about it normally, but if you decide to sell your house, installing some home automation systems will help you to boost the price.

Final Thoughts

Automated home systems have already entered our lives. Their importance continues growing with every passing day. The systems are being developed and improved, their prices are dropping. One day, home automation will be fully affordable to an average household.


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