Highest Paid Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners – Affiliate Marketing Tips

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to tell you about the highest paid affiliate marketing campaigns that are best suited to you – the beginner – so you can hit the ground running! Affiliate marketing is often subject to scams, and we want you to know where to go to avoid those and start making real money!

The first thing we should say is that in case you are unsure, affiliate marketing is a very real way of making money, and many people are indeed doing so. If you check out the latest affiliate marketing statistics you will see that the market is worth colossal amounts of money and is growing fast, so it is certainly worth looking into.

In addition, affiliate marketing software of Voluum is a great help for integrating all traffic sources and setting up custom rules to auto-optimize your campaigns. It also has a traffic distribution AI that automatically sends more traffic to the top performing offers, landing pages, and campaign paths. Another great thing about this affiliate marketing software is that it has an anti-fraud kit that easily spots fake clicks, suspicious visits and unrealistic conversion times. Therefore, affiliate marketing software is a must and beneficial to the success of your affiliate marketing strategy.

You do need to go about it the right way, and we also suggest you check out the useful advice and information at affiliatefacts.com where you will benefit from expertise in the field. Now that we’re clear on that, let’s have a look at the best marketing programs for beginners to start with.

The Best for Beginners

We make no excuses for starting with Amazon Associates Affiliate Program. It is probably the one you have heard of and may be what sparked your interest in the subject. Amazon is a truly massive online marketplace with a vast number of products available, and its affiliate program is established and worth checking out in detail. Unlike some programs there is no minimum traffic requirement with Amazon. Their commission ranges between one to 10%, depending upon the market sector, and they aim at newcomers being easy to use.

Clickbank gets a mention as one of the first of the affiliate programs to enter the market. This program focuses on digital products from smaller names and up and coming entrepreneurs, and as a result can offer as much as 75% commission on sales. It’s worth having a closer look at how Clickbank works to see if it is for you, but if you’re into niche products and sectors, it could be one for your shortlist.

Another well-known name with an affiliate scheme is eBay, the worldwide online auction site. eBay Partner Network may pay only a 5% commission, but with literally billions of products on sale – many fixed price items which you should be looking at for affiliate purposes – the customer base is certainly there. They also offer bonuses for referrals so check them out now.

ShareASale may not be a name that springs to mind when you are thinking about affiliate marketing, but it is one that you need to know about. Operating with niche brands – some of them are exclusive to the platform – it also offers low commission rates of between 2% and 8%, but the potential for sales is particularly good given the market it is aimed at.

Our final suggestion is that you take a look at Rakuten Marketing. Using a clever automated ad rotation system, they pay as much as $50 commission per sale and have worked with many well-known brands. Rakuten is not the easiest to join but you may find it very lucrative should you choose to do so.

That’s the best advice on affiliate marketing programmes for beginners, and there are many more to consider as this is a fast-growing market, such as different affiliate programs. The above are those that are perhaps the easiest with which to get started, and we recommend you check out all possible resources for advice on affiliate marketing and especially the products that you want to promote. Start sensibly and plan your future, and you can be making more money very quickly.


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