Here is Why Any Business Needs a VPN

Today, when hacking and data theft are rampant, cybersecurity is no minor issue. For businesses, protection of corporate data is a must, as breaches may cause immense losses. A VPN is a cost-effective means of preventing Internet-related threats. Discover the main advantages of such services for businesses, both large and small.

The purpose of a virtual private network is to boost cybersecurity. It masks your IP address and encrypts the connection. Hence, your actual location is safely hidden, while the session is secure.

There are numerous providers to compare. To make the best choice, rely on expert reviews on and similar comparison sources. In general, VPNs for Android offer protection for affordable fees, and the advantages are multiple. Here, we will cover four key factors that a company will consider beneficial.


1. Make Your Data More Secure.

Your business may have no need for site-to-site tunneling or other tools, but you will still appreciate the benefits of VPN for business. First of all, you are likely to store resources in clouds. All employee and customer information, payroll, etc, could be in a cloud. Secondly, some of your users may be remote or traveling. VPN comes in handy in both of these cases boosting corporate security overall.

Businesses keep their data, along with corporate applications, in storage clouds (such as Dropbox). When users access these files, it is best to do so through an encrypted and, thus, secure connection. While cloud service providers may add protection features of their own, you should not fully rely on those. With a VPN, you do not need to invest sophisticated software.


2. Efficient Remote Access.

In the past, corporate IT teams used to apply VPN for any user outside the office who accessed the information stored in their data center. This included traveling users and those logging in from home. The data center in question was the storage for all of the corporate software, along with back-office applications.

Next, emerged the numerous cloud storage, changing the situation drastically. Such products as Google G Suite Business eliminated the need for a data center. As the programs and their data are now accessible via a cloud destination, the advantages of deploying a VPN are immense. Personalized VPN channels allow the IT specialists on your staff to make remote access secure without sizeable investments.

It is especially useful if the VPN provider supplies your IT department with the logging data generated by the users. This will enable you to see who accessed the data and for what purpose – the same benefits you would get if you invested into an in-house VPN.


3. Geographic Independence.

What if your employees often need to travel abroad to countries with tough Internet laws? In China, for instance, it is even impossible to access Google. Likewise, corporate resources may be inaccessible for the same reason. How should a business traveler get around such annoying local restrictions?

Here is the obvious benefit of VPNs: the open geo-blocked pages. If your provider covers the specific country, the traveling worker will still be able to connect to any necessary resources online, both open and corporate. The service will make it look as if they are still in the USA, despite their being elsewhere.

The essential thing to consider, if you are planning to use your VPN this way, is the provider’s exact policies concerning privacy and logging. If logs are being kept, they could be submitted to authorities if they ask. If no logs are stored, however, your IT team may not access all the data. Hence, look for the right balance.

4. Low Cost

Your company may need cyber protection but lack a sizeable budget. Here, VPN deals are a true lifesaver, as they are generally very affordable for organizations – you may be charged less than $10 monthly.

Purchase an individual VPN service account for each user, and this will be one of the wisest investments, along with reliable hosting or managed endpoint security.

The low rates for business licensing plans deliver immense advantages. A VPN will ensure that each session has solid encryption of data transmitted and that authentication, as well as access to web services and apps, are secure.

These are just a few of the benefits to mention. Whether in corporate or personal use, this tool is simply indispensable. Do not overlook the importance of reliable security methods, especially when the whole company may be exposed to external threats.



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