Guide to Dating Ukrainian Women

How To Date Ukrainian Women

Is meeting and dating Ukrainian women online and offline still possible in 2022? Yes, there are ways to find Ukrainian girls, but there are some important things to consider. In this guide, we’ll talk about the best Ukrainian dating sites, the characteristics of a Ukrainian woman in detail.

How to find Ukrainian women online?

Everyone who’d like to start dating a Ukrainian girl has a few options to choose from. He can find Ukraine women for dating on global dating platforms, regional Ukrainian dating sites, or social media sites. 

Ukrainian mail order brides sites

5 Best Dating Sites to Meet Ukrainian Women

Site Good For Site Rating
TheLuckyDate Meeting attractive Ukrainian singles for dating 9.3/10
BravoDate Finding single Ukrainian women and following them as if it was Instagram 9.5/10
AmourFeel Dating Ukrainian girls, watching streams 9.0/10
JollyRomance Finding a Ukrainian girlfriend and stop paying for services 8.5/10
UkraineBride4you Finding a Ukrainian girlfriend or wife using lots of communication services 8.0/10

They all have their pros and cons that a man should consider, but in most cases, regional sites are more effective for those who want to find a special Ukrainian woman fast, easily, and for a reasonable price.

Most men prefer to look for Ukrainian women for dating and marriage on niche regional websites. What distinguishes them from other platforms? There are a few main differences. 

  • First, on such sites, there are only Ukrainian or Slavic women looking for a relationship with a foreign man. 
  • Second, on such platforms, there are usually plenty of different communication tools, including advanced services like video chat and gift delivery aimed at helping singles build an authentic relationship online. 
  • Third, such sites are carefully moderated, so members can enjoy the experience without fear of getting scammed. 


theluckydate profile

If you want to meet the best mail order brides from Ukraine, you don’t have to choose only a niche Ukrainian dating site and nothing but a Ukrainian dating site. In some cases, global platforms work as well as regional websites, and TheLuckyDate is one of them. It’s very easy to use just because it works like super-popular online dating apps, for example, Tinder.

On this site, you can apply the location filter, choose the preferred age, and start looking for Ukrainian women. What we liked most about this site is that the average Ukrainian lady you can meet is likely to have at least 10 photos, and yes, she’s likely to reply to your messages. 

By the way, members can not only use text chat but also send audio messages and, of course, attach media files.

Pros Cons
Great for those who know how popular dating apps work No video chat
A lot of attractive Ukrainian women to date No mobile app
High response rate No unlimited messaging
Bonus credits for newcomers


Bravado Profile

If the LuckyDate doesn’t work for you and if you’d like to join one of the legitimate Ukrainian dating sites, BravoDate might be the best option. 

It, however, also accepts women from other Eastern European countries but has a lot of Ukrainian girls, too. This is an interesting platform—unlike many other international dating platforms, it doesn’t work just like a dating site, it’s rather a half dating site, a half social media website.

Here, you can use search to find a Ukrainian woman who meets your criteria, follow her and view her posts like on Instagram, send messages, and attach files, choose a gift in the online store and have it delivered to Ukraine, send longer emails, and even request meetings in real life.

Pros Cons
Works like social media site, too No unlimited messaging
Most profiles are validated Watching videos costs 50 credits
Special services like gift delivery




AmourFeel is one of the most modern Ukrainian dating services (which can be considered one of the best European dating sites, too) one can find on the web. Why? The answer is simple—it offers something better than video chat, namely video streams, which, by the way, are free to watch. It works pretty much like a regular dating site.

You can join it for free, create your own profile, browse profiles of Slavic girls registered on the platform, send messages (in live chat or mails—longer emails up to 3,000 characters each) and also find single Ukrainian women who are streaming from time to time. 

Streams are actually a better (and much more fun) way to meet someone special considering that a streamer is just a Ukrainian girl looking for a relationship with a foreign guy.

Pros Cons
Free streams No mobile app
Real Ukrainian girls with detailed profiles 20 complimentary credits are spent too quickly
Some special services like contact requests


jollyromance profile

JollyRomance is a modern regional dating site with a user-friendly interface, some great features, and a large number of Ukrainian women looking for foreign men. What makes it stand out? 

Well, it has many success stories, and in our opinion, good scenarios are possible due to the great advanced search, some standard yet good tools like live chat and Mails, and some extra special features like the opportunity to request someone’s contact details. 

That many women and western men choose it because of its reasonable prices, too. Though male users need to become premium members to interact, there are plenty of discounts and complimentary credits, too.

Pros Cons
Men can stop paying at a certain stage No mobile app
Discounts and bonuses No free messaging
Great chat and user-friendly website overall



If you are looking for an online dating platform where there’ll be only Ukrainian ladies looking for serious relationships, this is the right dating service for you. Unlike other dating sites, it offers all a single wants, at the same time, in one place. 

There are only verified profiles of Slavic ladies, video chat, call service, live chat, different types of emails, video gallery, and gift delivery.

It’s also the best dating site in the niche of mail order brides, and communication tools aren’t the only great thing about it. Members also can get Smart Matches, use search with tons of advanced filters, and all matching services are completely free. 

Pros Cons
Video chat, call service Not a cheap website
Many free features No unlimited messaging
Advanced matching service

Global dating apps and sites

Sites like Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid are also available in Ukraine, and many local singles use them (especially Tinder and Badoo—other apps are far less popular). So, it’s absolutely possible to find a match on such platforms, and they definitely have a few important advantages. 

In particular, you don’t have to pay for messages as only special features are premium ones and use search filters, but such sites have cons, too. Many ladies registered on such sites are looking for local guys. Many of them aren’t looking for anything serious. On top of that, the chance of meeting a catfish on global platforms is significantly higher.

Social networks

We mentioned that BravoDate works both as an online dating platform and a social media site, and that’s considered an advantage, so why not just look for singles on Instagram or Facebook? It also can work, and there’s one serious benefit of choosing this option—you don’t have to pay for anything to achieve your goal. 

Still, it’s important to consider that it will be much harder to do it—after all, even on international dating sites like Tinder not all members are ready to date a foreigner and are interested in serious relationships. 

The chance of meeting a Ukrainian woman who is motivated to start a relationship with a foreign guy will be much, much lower. Basically, that’s the reason why many men prefer using Ukrainian dating sites—yes, they pay for dating but they save a lot of time.

7 facts about dating Ukrainian women 

What are Ukrainian women like? Here are a few interesting facts that can help you better understand these women.

Fact #1. Ukrainian women are attractive, but this is not enough for them

Ukrainian ladies aren’t really into the body-positive culture—for them, appearance is just as important as anything else. They don’t just take their natural beauty for granted (and it’s granted for sure) and do everything to look as gorgeous as possible. 

Maybe, that’s explained by the competition—according to statistics, there are around 19.6 million men in Ukraine compared to 22. 6 million women. Whatever the reasons, a regular Ukrainian woman stays fit, wears makeup, and has a good taste in clothes—this is a normal thing in this country.

Fact #2. Their views of gender roles are more traditional

It would be wrong to say that Ukrainian society isn’t changing. It does, but according to social studies, it happens much slower than in the west. 

In particular, for many Ukrainian girls, following a man is still a normal vision of appropriate gender roles. Paradoxically, the vast majority of these women are also educated, intelligent, and employed. For them, these things just don’t confront.

Fact #3. Ukrainian girls aren’t too religious

Should a man who’s going to marry Ukrainian girl worry about religion? Not really. According to statistics, about a half of the population isn’t religious, while another half is Eastern Orthodox (both Catholics and Christian), and even this another half rather follows some traditions, so it will hardly be a problem.

Fact #4. Parents, mutual assistance, and trust are most important for them

Yes, these are the main values for the majority of Ukrainian women. By the way, that’s a very important thing for men to consider—a Ukrainian girl will never forget or leave her family, and she’s likely to believe that mutual help, respect, and trust are the keys to a happy marriage.

Fact #5. The vast majority want to have at least one child

Ukrainians don’t have that many children, which is explained by an unstable situation in the country. Most families have 2-3 kids, but the fact is also that most Ukrainian women do want to have them. It’s really hard to find a childfree there.

Fact #6. Ukrainian girls don’t open up to men that fast

It takes time to get closer to a Ukrainian woman. Some men think that it means that a woman doesn’t like them, but in the case of Ukrainians, they just need some more time. If you wait long enough, she will transform into the most loving, caring, open person you’ve ever met.

Fact #7. They rather migrate to get married than get married to migrate

Some think that Slavic women migrate only to get those better living conditions, more money, and a Green card. It’s just a myth—for most Ukrainian singles, this is just a way to find someone special, someone who will meet their criteria and share their views of family and life at large.

5 Tips on how to date a Ukrainian girl

How to date a Ukrainian woman? Here are the most useful tips for western guys that want to learn more about the Ukrainian dating culture.

How to date ukrainian girl

Tip 1—Respect is the key

Some guys, especially some of those who are using Ukrainian dating sites, believe that if a woman is using online dating services, she’s much easier than other ladies. It’s not true—these girls are not for sale, they know what self-respect is, and they’re definitely interested in dating someone who respects them.

Tip 2—Show your motivation

Declaring your serious intentions may be appropriate or inappropriate, but on mail order bride sites, women are always expecting to hear what exactly a man is looking for. So, you won’t go wrong if you define your goals.

Tip 3—Smart is the new sexy

If you want to marry Ukraine girl, you can win her heart pretty easily, no, not with your money or the way you look, but with your intelligence, sense of humor, and the ability to have those long conversations about everything, from politics to TV shows.

Tip 4—Show that you’re reliable and loyal

These are the two most important things Ukrainian ladies are usually looking for. They aren’t really into womanizers and machos. One of the main reasons why girls from Ukraine are looking for foreign men is because they believe these men are more faithful, confident, successful, and therefore, more reliable overall.

Tip 5—Plan things with her

Again, Ukraine women for dating and marriage are seeking stability both in life and in a relationship, and they’d like to meet a man who’d be serious about them. Planning things with a lady is a good way to show her that you are committed to this relationship.

Possible challenges one may face when dating a woman from Ukraine

If you are okay with Ukrainian family values and dating traditions, take a look at the list of possible challenges to find out if you’re ready for them.

  • Getting a visa. It may take around a year to get a visa, and you’ll have to prove that your relationship is authentic and that you met in real life within the two years. It’s just a regular procedure, but another year of a long-distance relationship may be too hard for some couples.
  • Cultural differences. Yes, there will be cultural differences between you, that’s just inevitable, and the question is how you respond to them. If you accept them, respect your partner, and are ready to learn more about Ukrainian culture, they won’t be a problem for you.
  • Language barrier. It’s not always the case (most Ukrainians speak English pretty well), but if it happens, just give your girlfriend some time, and be patient. Yes, it’s not that easy to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak your language, but that’s also what a lot of people worldwide cope with pretty easily.

How to impress a Ukrainian woman on a first date? 

Men looking for Ukrainian women to date should also remember some first-date tips, so here’s the checklist:

  1. Dress to impress, that’s not exactly about the looks but about the respect for a girl
  2. Buy flowers
  3. Book a restaurant, not necessarily a fancy one
  4. Don’t panic if she seems too cold—give her some time
  5. Don’t drink too much, but if you offer some wine to relax, she’ll hardly mind
  6. Don’t try to seem a macho—just relax, be calm and confident
  7. Pay the bill, at least just try (there’s a big chance she’ll want to split it, but the attempt is considered a nice gesture from a man)

So, as you can see, those who want to find a Ukrainian wife can do it without much difficulty and more importantly, without spending a fortune. Just choose the best Ukrainian dating site and consider the information we provided in this guide, and you’ll succeed.


Why do single women from Ukraine become mail order brides?

They do it for plenty of reasons. Many Ukraine women like foreigners and consider them to be more confident and successful, many experience difficulty in building healthy relationships with local men and want to be treated with more respect, and some are adventurous and looking for new opportunities and experiences.

Is it easy to date Ukrainian girls?

Generally speaking, yes it’s easy. There are no special rules to follow, except for a few things to consider—they want to be treated with respect, as equals (some guys act as if they can buy them, and that’s not appreciated), they are patriotic, and they love gentlemen.

What is it like to be married to a Ukrainian woman?

Most Ukrainians are loving and caring wives who want to have children. Most ladies who marry Americans and other western men are employed, but they often quit working or reconcile family life with work perfectly. They are very friendly and hospitable, so guests will visit your house more often, and by the way, they are great at cooking, too.

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