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The field of online marketing is a vast one. You’ll find that there are plenty of tools that support you in the journey toward making your business great. Email automation, social media posts, reels, tutorials, and subscriptions are some of the resources that you can use for this purpose.

If you ask the experts what’s the most important element of your digital marketing strategy, each one of them might give you a different answer. However, one thing is certain, and we must only answer one question to find out the answer: What element do your customers see constantly in all your channels?

An innovative way to freshen up your logo

The only elements that are a common variable between your website, posts, banners, emails, contracts, brochures, etc. are your name and your logo. If we take this into consideration, it becomes natural to think that we must pay special attention to them.

You want your logo to be powerful and your brand’s name to stand out from others, and this is what Artlogo offers.

Introducing for a more professional look

Thus, an Artlogo is a version of your logo created specifically for you and 100% handwritten. Since each product is created by a designer (not a machine) clients enjoy a totally unique product tailored to their brands.

Your goes where your brand goes, no matter where it is. You can include it in emails, custom business cards, websites, signatures, and even branded items. So, what’s the point? What is the difference between an Artlogo and a traditional one? The answer is simple: everything comes down to style.

Your brand is not only the name of your business. We can describe it as the ambassador that will take your product to the people and will make it sell. If one thing is true about the digital era, is that competition is fierce in virtually every area of business. In this context, having a professional and distinctive look makes a huge difference.

Have a signature that’s worthy of your top-notch services

Who can use Artlogo? Anyone who provides services or products and wants to cause a good impression. Currently, some of our clients include doctors, CEOs, real estate agents, business owners, financial consultants, photographers, Youtube bloggers and many others. Whether you run a legal firm or a flower shop, an Artlogo will give the perfect touch to your merchandise, your store’s sign, your written contracts, and even receipts. If you still have doubts about this, take a look at the next section where we describe the uses of a logo signature.

How can I benefit from my Artlogo?

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Develop your brand

An Artlogo will be a distinctive element of your brand. From the color palette to the fonts you use, everything must be chosen according to the message you want to convey. In this regard, your handcrafted signature is the perfect companion to your logo and your company’s name.

Enhance brand awareness

Once you have chosen the elements of your brand, it’s time to make them popular. Your goal must be that people recognize you among the enormous amounts of similar businesses that are competing for customers’ attention.

Undoubtedly, your Artlogo will be a unique touch that goes on every piece of your content. Use it on YouTube videos, banners, social media posts, digital signatures, email signatures, newsletters and letterheads, hero images, watermarks for copyright content, merchandise, and ads.

Get more replies to your emails

Whether you’re contacting clients, leads, vendors, providers, or partners, your Artlogo will make a difference. You can add it to your automated signature and do the same for every member of your staff.

This will provide a professional look that will make your message sound more serious and your business more reliable. Get ready to receive more replies thanks to your Artlogo.

Advertise your services

One of the most profitable uses of Artlogo is to include it in your marketing campaigns. Once your customers are aware of your brand, the logo signature can be a way in which they can relate to your brand. Use it in merchandising, signs, sponsored products, etc.

Improve your signature

Besides getting you a 100% unique design, Artlogo offers you other tools so that you can improve your logo signature. We offer a free app so that you can add your signature to photos, banners, documents, and other visual elements. This is the perfect complement to make the best use of your logo signature.

Our happy customers

Luckily, all of our clients are happy with the results and are enjoying their brand-new logos.

Matt Heilman (Real estate agent)

“I just had my business logo redone as a signature logo, so my real estate agency has an awesome new look. Artlogo did a great job and what I liked the most is how easy it is to communicate with the team. After a few tweaks, my signature logo looks super cool!

Chantal Diez (Designer and artist)

“After many years of painting as a hobby, I recently started to sell my art online. Now, thanks to Artlogo’s unique signature I feel comfortable enough to launch my own business because I know I’ll look professional and polished. I’m very thankful to this talented team!”

Troy Fears (CEO)

“All I can say is that our logo nailed it. It has a wonderful new look, and it will help both my personal and professional pages. If you need to have a classic style, Artlogo is the answer”.

Denisa Marius (Entrepreneur)

“I’m a Rumanian businesswoman in Germany and I have been looking for a new logo for my company for quite a long time. Now, thanks to the Artlogo team, I found what I was looking for. Thank you very much, Artlogo!”

An innovative solution to make your brand look professional 

All in all, Artlogo is an innovative way to look professional and give your brand that nice touch that will distinguish it from others. For a low price of $44.95 (with 10% welcome discount), you’ll get a valuable element to complement your designs and give your brand a high-end style.


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