GamStop Scheme Reaches New Record


GamStop became online and available in 2018 and thanks to the simple and effective way it operates, it became very common in the United Kingdom. This is a self-exclusion system. A player who has a gambling addiction will create the account here and choose the duration of the self-exclusion. 

After that, all UKGC casinos or all sites with GamStop support will become unavailable until the self-exclusion expires. Now, GamStop measures a new record. 

GamStop Just Reached New Record

GamStop is very popular as we have mentioned already. There are over 200.000 users registered which is the highest number since 2018 when the platform was launched. This trend is only going to go up. But, at the moment we can see some impressive data.

In February the platform recorded a stunning 21% increase in registration. On the 22nd of February, 326 people created a new account which is the highest registration per day since the release of GamStop. In addition, over 7000 people created an account here in January. If we compare it to the previous year we can see an increase of 14%. All of this sounds interesting. We can see that GamStop and also NonGamStopBets bookmakers are becoming more popular among UK players. 

According to GamStop, 71% of all their users are male while 29% are female. Most of the users, a whopping 59% are aged between 18 and 34 which actually corresponds to the age group that gambles the most. The platform now has 200.000 users which is great. However, they expected to see this number at the end of this year. This was a big surprise and something that even the GamStop officials did not expect. 

One of the biggest successes GamStop has to offer comes in the form of the number 96. What it means is that 96% of the users continue to use self-exclusion after the time frame has expired. This refers to users who selected a 6 months duration. Keep in mind that you can choose a longer duration of self-exclusion if needed. As such, these users are still unable to place bets and they are not planning on removing the self-exclusion at the moment. This data proves that GamStop is effective in what it offers and has a massive potential that makes online gambling and betting much safer and more appealing. 

Every single day GamStop blocks gambling to the users who are under their self-exclusion ban. In January of the current year, almost 50.000 users tried to gamble and they were limited. There were 177.038 possible gambling attempts, and each one was blocked by GamStop. According to the newest regulations all UK operators that offer betting and gambling services must become members of GamStop. 

GamStop officials claim that their self-exclusion scheme isn’t the ultimate solution. As you were able to see from the example above, many UK players will want to gamble and many of them are looking for methods, alternatives, and other possibilities that will help them achieve that. They also stated that there is no single way that is 100% effective and will make gambling completely impossible. 

GamStop cooperates with Gamban, GamCare, and with TalkBanStop in order to promote their service and make more people aware of the self-exclusion. These brands are cooperating in many, other ways. They are trying to make gambling and betting safer, more reliable and to help people with gambling addiction or those who simply want to stop gambling. 

GamStop will continue to advance and develop. They are planning to add support to as many online casinos and betting sites as possible. We can already see that many new casinos support GamStop. Almost all UK casinos and betting sites support this platform as well and this number will only rise in the future. 


GamStop has been known for increasing the popularity and the number of users over time because of marketing such as public awareness and organizations support. This trend is going to last and there is no way anyone can change that. 

The platform is designed and optimized to help all kinds of players in the United Kingdom and we are glad to say that it works well. Of course, it isn’t a 100% method that will make betting and gambling impossible but can make it far less common. 


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