Florida MLS Listing Services: The Top Names

MLS Listing Services

If you are planning to have a cost-effective home sale, then you need to sell your home without a realtor in Florida. One of the options is to use a flat fee MLS Florida service. A flat fee MLS service provider will list your home on the multiple listing service or MLS, which is the largest database for the homes on sale. It helps the sellers reach the buyers.

However, one of the important things to note here is that only a licensed real estate agent can list your home on the MLS. The flat fee service provider can also list your home on the MLS at a flat fee rate. This rate is just a fraction of the amount you would have given to the full-service agent.

Usually, the real estate agents charge a fee of 3% to carry out your real estate transaction. But the sellers who want to ensure cost savings can sell their home through sale by the owner or FSBO. This way, they are able to save a lot of money by investing in a flat fee MLS company. A majority of home sellers have started investing in this approach. Flat Fee MLS providers also offer additional services like managing paperwork, pricing the home as per CMA, showings, etc. along with the basic package. For availing of such services, you need to pay a higher cost but not as high as choosing to list with an agent.

Flat Fee MLS

So, when you make up your mind to list your house FSBO, you must go for the flat fee MLS listing. It will ensure that your property is viewed by loads of buyers. To avoid paying the real estate agent and still get the best support from the real estate company, it is a great option to choose Flat Fee MLS. Flat fee MLS listing service is considered the best for home sellers who can carry out a part of the real estate transactions on their own and the rest can be done by the realtor. In the Flat Fee MLS, the sellers need to handle some aspects of the home sale like a real estate agent.

Most Florida home sellers work with a flat fee realtor or a discount realtor. This helps them save a considerable sum of money and get basic services too in return.

The best flat fee MLS Florida Services

Here are the names of the flat fee MLS Florida that have high rankings.

Flat Fee MLS Realty

This company is the best option for all the sellers who don’t have much experience in selling the home on their own. Flat Fee MLS Realty provides increased support compared to other websites. As the helps you through the home selling journey, you can easily close your home sale like in the case of a traditional real estate agent.

Flat Fee MLS Realty was founded by Stephen Hachey. With 20 years of experience in the Florida market and brilliant customer service norms, the company has been offering top-quality services to inexperienced FSBO sellers. They offer deep knowledge and invaluable resource to close the sale quickly. Flat Fee MLS Realty offers three types of Flat Fee plans. One is the Silver plan which is priced at $99, another one is Gold which needs you to pay $229, and last is the Platinum which is provided at the price of $499. All these plans are quite affordable compared to the services it provides.

These packages allow the sellers to make unlimited updates and changes to the listing. The silver plan offers more services than many other companies at this price point. The Platinum package includes Competitive Market Analysis or CMA service. It allows the owners to know the real price of their homes. A real estate agent provides this pricing detail. So, when you want to sell a townhouse or a condo, then Flat Fee MLS Realty is the best option.

Jack Keller, Inc.

For selling a house as is in Florida, one of the flat fee MLS companies that provides great services is Jack Keller, Inc. This company can sell vacant land and multi-family residences. It can also help you with commercial properties sale along with rental properties. However, they also offer to sell townhouses, single-family homes, and condos as well. The website operates in a few Florida counties since 1975.

Jack Keller, Inc provides 5 services, as per the type of property you wish to sell. Their packages include Flat Fee and Expert Seller Package. All the packages allow the customer to make unlimited changes to the listing. The company does not completely operate online, which can make things slower and a bit challenging. For example, in the case of an expired listing, you will have to submit a form.

List Now Realty

One of the best names in Central Florida, List Now Realty is the finest option to sell a home at a low flat fee. The company is committed to keeping transparent pricing. There are no cancellation fees, upselling fees, add-on fees, or any other kind of hidden fees. This is a good option for both experienced as well as inexperienced home sellers.

With List Now Realty, you can make unlimited listing changes in an unrestricted time period. You can also post loads of photos of your home. The package does not offer additional services like CMA. Also, List Now Realty offers services in limited Florida counties.


Last but best, Houzeo is a leading name in the real estate companies of Florida. This nationwide company has been able to gain the limelight due to the 5-star reviews and maximum savings. Upon listing with Houzeo, the sellers can experience the benefits of advanced technology and fantastic customer support. Their listing also gets maximum exposure at a minimum price.

Thinking ‘how to sell my house fast?’, know about these four Flat Fee packages. The basic package is the Bronze Package which asks you to pay only $299. In this package, you get an MLS listing and listing of your house on the websites like Realtor, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, and more.

In the silver package, which is priced at $349, you get everything that you need for a home sale. In the Gold Package of $399, you get Houzeo Offers, Houzeo’s signature MLS package, Houzeo Showings, DigiTransact, etc. Also, the Platinum package is priced at $999 which provides increased assistance as a licensed broker. You get every service.

These were some of the best options you have when you want to begin a Florida home sale. Choose one and enjoy an easy and quick home sale!

Do check out Houzeo reviews for more information.


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