Facebook Ad Copy: How to Make a Good Facebook Ad That Drives Clicks and Conversions

Facebook Ads

By Daniel Gray

Running ads on Facebook is no hard task but are they converting any leads or buyers? That’s what most Social Marketers lack. Facebook Algorithms change every year or few months which means you need to up your Ad game and learn the new improved tactics to drive clicks and conversions.

We all know Facebook’s organic reach is near death if not dead already. However, it is still the leading social media platform with the most active users online on daily basis. According to “datareportal” Facebook reached 2.9 billion active users in Jan 2022 with 1.9 billion daily users. The numbers certainly show the potential traffic for your Facebook Ad copy and how much growth your business can achieve through a successful campaign.

However, For Social Marketers, Facebook Ads are not just about traffic but more about clicks and conversions and that’s their topmost priority. To convert the visitors into buyers and deliver a strong ROI with Facebook Ad Copy. Local Businesses like legal firms, HVAC, and Dentist can benefit from Ads Copy

Factors to consider while writing a Facebook Ad Copy 

Facebook is considered as number one social media platform for clicks and conversion to generate sales and for that, an effective Facebook Ad campaign is essential to make it all successful.

There are several major factors to consider while writing a Facebook Ad Copy to make it successful and effective. As much as the retargeting, interests, and demographics are important, catchy visuals shouldn’t be left behind because even if you reach the right people but your ad copy isn’t catchy enough to drive users’ attention, it’ll all go in vain. Let’s look into the important factors to creating a Facebook Ad copy that drives clicks and conversions.

Define your Goals:

 Before creating a Facebook Ad Campaign, it is important to make a plan first. To know what actions, you’re looking for and what kind of conversions you want. Facebook supports multiple types of conversions, add to Wishlist, Purchase, View Content, Initiate checkout, Click to Website, etc. Moreover, you can create custom conversions too that fit your goals accordingly. Don’t treat your Facebook Ad Copy as a traditional billboard, create separate ads for separate conversion goals to make the best of it.

 Know Your Audience:

 The second step is to know your audience, it is crucial because it helps in retargeting by means of their interests and what they care about. A perfect way to know your audience is by doing a competitive analysis. Once you have got the retargeting information, your ad copy can do much better with it.

Aim for Continuity:

Your visitors are looking for what they see, make sure your landing page delivers what your ad copy is promising. For example: if your ad copy displays earphones but your landing page is for phone cases, it wouldn’t make sense and confuse the users which will eventually result in no conversions at all. So, keep the continuity to achieve better conversion results.

Create Eye-Catchy Visuals:

Have a hard time converting visitors into buyers? Visuals could be a reason. If you can’t catch users’ attention, you can’t convert them. The first impression of any Facebook Ad copy is the design. If it is visually appealing and eye-catchy, you’ll have the user’s attention which can lead to clicks and conversions. Create a high-resolution picture to reflect the quality of your brand, use gifs or short videos to grab users’ attention, and don’t use too much text over them.

Use Short Sentences:

 Have you ever read an Ad copy that is 500 words long? I bet not. Even if the visuals are catchy but the text is too long, most people won’t bother reading since it doesn’t interest them. Keep your Facebook Ad copy short, sweet, and simple. Using pronounces like “You or Your”, helps in interacting with the user. However, avoid using “We” if you’re using the Ad for the first time and you don’t have any retaining clients.

Voice of Customer:

 For a Facebook Ad Copy to drive clicks and conversions, focusing on the Voice of the Customer is the key to success. Analyze the market, know the customer’s pain points and your words should reflect the concerns and emotions of the customer. Speaking in the customer’s language helps in achieving the attention of users that will eventually result in better clicks and conversions.

 Use Evocative Words and Numbers:

 Giving users numbers, facts, stories, and evocative words can lead to clicks and conversions. For example: if you use words like “Exclusive”, it will grab the audience’s attention, making them think twice if they would want to miss this “Exclusive offer” or if there are some facts added with a certain percentage, or showcasing numbers, it can have a better impact on audience’s behavior.

 Ask a Question:

 Usually while creating a Facebook Ad Copy, asking a question is one way to grab the audience’s attention. For example, if you’re selling gaming keyboards, the question could be “Are you looking for a competitive edge through gaming keyboards?” This will grab the attention of gamers who are interested in buying gaming keyboards and most probably their answer will be “Yes”. Once you’ve made this interaction, there are high chances of clicks and conversions.

 Focus on Pain points and Benefits:

 Targeting an audience through pain points and benefits is one of the most effective ways to make a Facebook Ad copy successful and drive conversion. Suppose you’re running an SEO agency; your Facebook ad copy says “Are you struggling to show up on search engines? Contact us and find the right SEO strategy to grow your online presence.” This increases the chances of interaction with your targeted audience since they’ve been looking for similar services.

 Choose the Right Ad Format:

 Choose the right Ad format according to your goals and prospects. There are different types of formats for different types of campaigns. Some are better for traffic and impressions while others work superior for conversions and product selling. Collection and Carousel ads work better for selling products however Facebook offers ads work finer for selling discounts or bundle offers. Facebook Dynamic Ads, Facebook Instant Experience Ads, Facebook Slideshow ads, etc. are a few examples of different types of Facebook Ads.

 Call to Action (CTA):

 In the end, the Call to Action should always be there if you want to drive clicks and conversions. Even if you’re looking for clicks, you should grab the audience’s attention by using words like Explore or discover. The interested audience would surely want to take a tour of your website or page. However, if you’re looking for conversions, Signup or Buy now would be more feasible since it will directly pursue the audience to take action.

 A/B Testing:

 A/B testing is a method of creating multiple Facebook Ad copies and running them differently to test which ad campaign works better according to your goals. This gives a better idea about which ad campaign is more successful in terms of clicks and conversions.

 Track the Analytics:

 You shouldn’t expect one ad copy to make all the conversions. But regardless of it, keep the track of analytics and turn them into insights. Know the behavior of your audience, how many clicks you’ve generated, what worked better, and what didn’t to fix the missing spaces in your next ad campaign.


 Now you know there are different major factors that you need to consider before creating a Facebook ad copy to make it successful in terms of clicks and conversions. The basic goal is to be consistent, direct, engaging, and visually appealing. Local businesses like Legal, Dentists and HVAC Social Media Marketing results can improve by writing a copy that targets the right audience on the right buyer journey stage.

About the Author

Daniel Gray is a Marketing Specialist at Market Media Connect. he has 5 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing. His opinions and tips have been featured on major marketing blogs like Databox, Audiense, LocalIQ, and Encharge.io. 


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