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Europe is a real contender when it comes to the top gambling markets in the world. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise either, considering that the whole idea of wagering actually began on the continent. In Rome, gambling was very common, and history has suggested that Romans bet and gambled using real money earlier than anywhere else. The problem was that it was banned not long after, so Romans had to find a way to come up with a new way to gamble without spending money. That is where chips originated. The Romans knew that they wanted a way to measure currency, but they would not be able to do so using real money. Of course, since then, times have changed quite drastically, and there have been a lot of innovations as well. If you look at a lot of the European countries out there, you will soon see that they rank highly in gambling revenues, and the market is said to be worth over $100 billion. This has increased by 19% from the year 2021. So why is this the case? It’s said that a lot of it comes down to the fact that online gambling platforms are now able to thrive. People are using them more and more, and on top of this, sports betting is also now taking off. If you want to win big on slot machines or if you want to see what other casino offerings are out there, then here are some of the top countries that you should think about hitting.

The UK

The UK, or England specifically, has a very long history when it comes to gambling. If you love Peaky Blinders, then you will notice that there is a lot of gambling and horse racing. There is a very good reason why as well, and that is because gambling has always been a big thing in Britain. That being said, it was possible for a casino to obtain a digital license until 2005. The purpose of this was to try and stop any offshore sites that did not want to pay their taxes. Now the country has become one of the top gambling hubs in the world. The fact that the digital act has now passed means that people now have access to more digital gambling content than ever. When you combine this with the fact that people can now use their smartphones to gamble, you will soon see a very positive trend. People love being able to gamble on the go, and for the UK, it is a major part of the culture.


Germany managed to hit one of the biggest incomes in the world for gambling in 2019. Online operators are able to offer everything from slot games to sports, poker, and even darts betting. You also have a lot of opportunities to make the activities much more interesting by taking advantage of discount codes and bonus payments. If you combine this with Germany’s thriving gambling sector, then you will soon see that things have changed for the better, and that it is now contributing a lot to the German economy. Online casinos are on the rise across the world, but one thing is for sure, and that’s that Germany has been able to solidify its presence as one of the top contenders for the title.


Italy is easily one of the biggest markets in the world when you look at the casino sector. In fact, wagering in Italy goes all the way back to the Roman era. It’s a pioneering market, and it is safe to say that it has helped the casino sector to thrive all the way across Europe. The sector started with a proceeding against Italy for infringement in 2009. This was done by the EC. After a lot of negotiations and a new agreement, a new law was released. This allowed people to operate within the country. Even though the sector is very much regulated, it is safe to say that Italy has become a huge gambling hub when you look at its worldwide competition. Betting revenues all go back into the Italian economy, and on top of this, there are some huge tax returns that you can take advantage of. Punters in Italy are always doing what they can to take advantage of the thriving scene, and the sports betting activities are growing more by the year too.


France is home to well over 65 million people. It has since been reported that the country’s gambling revenues are sky high as well. The French have a real passion for gambling, and the country rakes in around 10 billion euros a year. The amount that is brought in goes up by the year, and this just goes to show that the country is not only benefitting from gambling but thriving. When you compare France to some of the other countries that are out there, you will soon see that they have rather friendly policies for gamblers and that they are quite lenient as well. If you live in France, then it is possible for you to gamble on a huge range of different activities. This can range from slots to poker and even blackjack. The sports betting market in France is also on the rise, which is very interesting when you look at the growing tech trend. Betting is a legal concept in France, and it is governed by ARJEL. This is an online authority that allows gambling while also legalizing French casino companies. The gaming companies offer a lot of incentives, and there are also a lot of regulations in place to make sure that the gambling sector stays a safe place for anyone who wants to participate.


People who live in Spain love to place wagers on football, and that is exactly what they do. That being said, a lot of people love the idea of gambling and often spend their free time hunting down bonuses. It has been revealed that in Spain, there are over 670,000 bettors and that online slots are the most popular type of game. Poker comes in at a very close second as well. Of course, it is interesting to see how gambling has advanced so much, but at the end of the day, Europe is still dominating the scene when you look at online gambling. It’s interesting to see how much things have changed and what positive changes could be made in the future.

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