Escape Room Activity For Adults

During 2013, Fox in a Box established its first means of escape space in Vienna, Austria. With such a system spanning four continents and over 30 sites, we are now one of the world’s biggest escape mechanism brands. Its unique galleries are in Stockholm (Sweden) and Vienna (Austria), and our R&D centre is in Serbia.

The objective is to make the Fox in a Box Escape Room Seattle brand synonymous with escape mechanism games, being not only the greatest escape mechanism company in the region.

We are committed to delivering entrepreneurs with the great branding, understanding exactly, and assistance they need to launch a major firm as an enthusiastic, innovative, and dependable workforce. We are delighted to provide our brand partners with the greatest value possible while also forming strong connections and expanding together the challenging escaping game business.

We encourage you to join a fantastic and rapidly expanding company that is constantly altering the future of leisure and explore leamington spa things to do!


  • Simple to get started

Our franchisee network now spans the globe and includes more than 30 sites. From the beginning, we will aid you in choosing the perfect site, modifying it, marketing it, and, of course, creating the rooms and teaching your employees. Setting up a business in a new location takes only 2 to 3 months.

  • Cheap Entrance Fee

We think that we’ll all develop alongside, therefore we set a reasonable admission price that covers all of the specific things and gear you’ll need. This helps partners to get their location up and running as quickly as feasible.

  • Buy Online and pay as you go

On a monthly basis, we charge you a predetermined % compensation. In exchange, you will receive a great deal of help from us (e.g. website, booking system, IT support, marketing strategy and training, services of a designer, etc).

  • Guidance During Assembly is provided free of Charge

We’ll mail the games of your choosing to you, and after you’ve received them, we’ll send an expert to oversee your construction and assist you with the installation.

  • Gratis Learning

Even before opening, we give free teaching by our gaming master trainer at your site. You will be taught how to operate the games, as well as how to utilise the website and reservation system.

  • Assistance for Advertising

Our advertising plan has been developed one you’ll have to start, develop, and spice up your company with innovative ideas and methods. Our firm has an advanced manufacturing support staff that provides fresh and engaging content that you may utilise on a daily basis to our franchisees.

  • Trademark

Joining our licensing agreement allows you to become a part of a major, well-known brand and get all of the advantages that come with it. Customer familiarity and a strategic advantage in the market are provided by the Fox in a Box trademark, and also the quick addition of new tried-and-true activities at the site.

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