Entrepreneur Interview With Dan James

Entrepreneur Interview with Dan James

Dan James, you are the founder and senior Content Manager at Fast Payout Casino. How did you choose this career path?

Well, the answer is quite simple, really. If we agree upon the fact that in the world of online casinos user experience plays a huge role, working towards improving it becomes mandatory. And since I’ve been involved in the online gambling industry for over nine years, I had plenty of opportunities to acquire invaluable experience.

Not only that, but I also had the opportunity to identify various shortcomings in the industry which only further encouraged me to do something about them.

Why did you choose to focus on fast payout casinos?

Good question. Aside from the overall experience players are met with when browsing the games offered, the payout also has a key part in keeping them satisfied.

Let’s face it, there is arguably nothing more frustrating than winning some money, only to have to wait for a long time to actually receive your winnings.

That’s why I’ve decided to focus on finding only the best online casinos and games that offer fast payout options. Then I started writing about online casinos and, honestly, never looked back since.

What led you on the road you are on today?

To tell you the truth, I never thought I’d become a content manager or run my own websites. As a matter of fact, I used to be a professional poker player for about seven years. Cash games were mostly my jam, and playing high stakes online was my passion.

However, after a particularly unfortunate series of events where I lost nearly 700k USD, I’ve decided that things needed to change. That’s when I started looking for a new way to make money.

Obviously, my prior experience helped me to get where I am today, which is why I’m now more than happy to share my knowledge and experience with interested readers.

Thank you for this interview. Could you maybe share a bit more about yourself?

Thank you for having me.

Well, what’s there more to say? I really enjoy watching movies and spending time with my family as much as possible. I’m a passionate Leeds fan, Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite football player and Baccarat is my favorite casino game. If I could, I would eat sushi all the time. Oh, and my favorite city is Paris.

If you wish to learn more about Dan James and Fast Payout Casino, visit his site here.


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