Effective Employee Development Starts With Managers — Ways Companies Can Achieve Their Growth With Sustainable and Effective Culture

Employee Development

Human relation is undoubtedly one of the most important factors that influences the sustainability and growth of any establishment; a byproduct of effective human management. A lot of companies struggle with short and long term goals because of having “round pegs in a square hole”— the right personnel in the wrong fitting.

the right personnel in the wrong fitting

Having developed one of the most successful educational practices to grow and sustain any establishment and the relationships within, Kunio Hara has become an authority in this field. Challenges in his past work environment forced him out of social interactions for a while,the struggle motivated him to come back even stronger. Not only for himself, but this time to also help those who wouldn’t have the strength and opportunity to come back to society. A lot of people aren’t so lucky to have the sort of family support he got that aided him back to society.

It was hard and challenging as we’d expect but his determination wasn’t going to wither; no one was going to help him with the finances he needed to spread this educational method that he had developed which sprung the thoughts of him starting his own company. Today, Kunio Hara is the president of his self-founded “Ho-me-I-ku foundation”.

Ho-me-I-ku foundation

During his struggles with the challenges, the founder recounts when asked how he was able to overcome the challenges – “I do employee training for companies, and how I praise employees and whether or not a company introduces training is dependent on whether or not it leads to improved business performance. Training is an investment, so it’s important that it leads to many times the company’s profit and that it leads to the company’s development. So making it that kind of content/thing was a struggle at first. But once I was able to do that, I got a lot of offers from companies.”

Ho-me-i-ku was originally created and introduced in Japan by Kunio Hara, however the effectiveness has allowed the spread of the method across borders to India, America, Spain and more than 20 other countries. The core virtues of the Ho-me-I-ku is the blend of psychology, empathy and brain science. It relies basically on the belief that we live to praise each other.

we live to praise each other

After years of experience in the field of management and adding expertise by further studies in the United States of America, Kunio Hara has moved on to spread the Ho-me-i-ku educational method to over 1 million people and 500 companies, including many early child educational institutions.

A lot of companies and establishments who are benefactors of this unique blend of education testify to how well it has helped them achieve their goals and sustain astronomical growth over time.

sustain astronomical growth over time

Kunio Hara has also written over 28 books that are centered on this study and how team leaders, managers and human resource personnel can extract the knowledge he shares to the benefit of the company. 

As already established by many, training of employees is important to the company and with the guidance of the educational system such as Ho-me-i-ku, the employees would have effective development and further help in the growth and continuous sustainability of the company to which they deploy these virtues and values.

deploy these virtues and values


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