Do I Really Need to Change the Water Filter in my Refrigerator?

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If you own a refrigerator, then you might know that they have water filters. These filters are essential for your fridge’s cooling system, as they help remove contaminants from the water. And like any other mechanical component in your home, the water filter in your refrigerator needs to be replaced periodically. How often you need to change it depends on the model of refrigerator you have and its usage. The good news is that changing the filter is not too complicated or difficult. Keep reading to learn more about filters and why you need to change them to high-quality water filters in stock.

What are the benefits of filters?

It ensures the quality of water in the system-The water filter in your refrigerator will capture and remove sand, rust, and other contaminants. Without the water filter in place, this dirt and rust would pass through the system and damage your refrigerator.

It preserves your cooling system-The water filter and helps maintain optimum water pressure in your refrigeration system. With a clogged or dirty filter, the water pressure would decrease and impair cooling.

It extends the lifespan of your refrigerator-A clogged water filter will cause the cooling system to consume more energy and strain the motor that pumps water through the filter. All of these factors will accelerate the lifespan of your refrigerator. 

It saves you money-A dirty or clogged water filters will increase your energy bill. It will also make it necessary to clean your refrigerator more often. Cleaning your refrigerator regularly will help extend its lifespan, which will save you money over the long term. 

It prevents microbial growth in your refrigerator-Contaminants and debris in the water will promote bacterial and fungal growth. This can promote food spoilage, which can make you sick if consumed.

How often should you change the water filter?

The frequency of when you should change the water filter in your fridge depends on the design. Generally, you should change it every 6 to 12 months. But if you live in a hard water area, then you should replace the filter more often. Hard water contains minerals, such as calcium and magnesium that can clog the filter in your fridge and make it less efficient at filtering out impurities. You should also check the manufacturer’s instructions for your model of the refrigerator to see what they recommend as a replacement schedule.

When should you change the water filter in your fridge?

As we have already mentioned, you need to change the water filter in your refrigerator every 6 months to a year. However, you can also use a visual method to know when it is time to change the filter. First, check the water filter, and if it is discolored or dirty, it means that it is time to replace it. If it is clean, but you think it has been there for a while, you can change it just to be on the safe side. Another way to check if it is time for a new filter is to look inside the filter and check if there is any debris trapped inside. If there is, it means that the filter is clogged, and it is time to replace it.  You should change your refrigerator’s water filter when you notice a decrease in water pressure.

What are the consequences of not changing your refrigerator water filter?

If you don’t change your refrigerator water filter as recommended, three things can happen. The first is that the water filters will become less effective at cleaning your water and eventually stop working altogether. The second is that the bacteria and contaminants in your water will start to accumulate, leading to decreased water quality and possible health problems. And third, the excess build-up on your water filters will decrease your fridge’s efficiency, costing you more energy bills. It’s always best to be safe and change your refrigerator water filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Not only will this ensure that you’re getting clean and healthy water, but it will also help keep your fridge running smoothly.

Finding a replacement water filter

Replacing the water filter in your refrigerator is an easy task, but you need to find the right replacement filter. To do this, you can look online for the model number of your refrigerator or search for your model by name. You can also ask the salesperson at the store where you got your refrigerator. It’s also a good idea to check the price of the filter before you purchase as some water filters are more expensive than others.

Steps to change the refrigerator’s water filter

Now that we have talked about the reason why it is important to change the filter and how often you should do it, let’s talk about the steps to change the filter in your refrigerator:

  • Shut off the water supply to the filter. This is usually a valve located near the filter. It will be important to remember where the valve is so you can turn the water back on when you’re finished with the installation.
  • Remove the filter from the system. Some filters are not removable, so you may need to shut off the water supply to the whole refrigerator. 
  • Take note of the filter’s orientation and installation instructions. You may want to take a picture of the filter before you take it out so you can remember how it goes back in. 
  • Place the new filter in the system the same way. Make sure it is properly aligned before you close the refrigerator.


If you take proper care of your refrigerator’s water filter, it will last longer and operate more efficiently. This will help you avoid costly repairs to your refrigerator, and it will also help you save energy and money. With these tips and advice, you can be sure your refrigerator’s cooling system is working as efficiently as possible.


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