Deni Jordan Stunt Coordinator, 2nd Unit Action Director

Deni Jordan

Deni Jordan was born on August 2, 1966, in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is a stuntman, actor, and action director, known for Troll (2022), Money Heist (2017), and Wallander (2008). Deni Jordan has been successfully working in the industry since 1985, with over 300 credits to his name. He is a stunt coordinator, action director, and second unit director. , and is the only Danish stuntman to have been nominated three times for the Taurus World Stunt Awards.

Deni is a real traveler, having worked all over the world, often in uncharted territory. He feels at home in snow-capped mountains or immense desert heat, no matter where in the world, Deni has been shooting action. A great communicator and master of languages, he is able to fit into any crew, in any location, on any type of production. Currently expanding his role to include producing, writing, and directing, he is a triple threat. As group stunt coordinator on Troll, Money Heist, The Bridge, Wallander, Headhunters, and Men & Chicken, as well as writing, directing, coordinating, and starring in thirteen episodes of The Stunt Comedy Show TV series, he can bring his varied talents to bear on any project. With a 100% safety record, Deni is an absolutely dependable pair of hands to trust with your production.

Deni Jordan is a professional Best Stunt Performer and coordinator in the film and television industry. Jordan has worked on a variety of high-profile movies and TV shows, where he has performed and coordinated complex stunts and action sequences. In addition to his work as a stunt performer, Jordan is also an instructor and director. He uses what he knows to help actors and other Stunt CastingStunt Double get ready for roles that require a lot of physical work and do stunts safely.

World Stunt Awards

He is the only Danish stunt coordinator to have been nominated three times for the Taurus World Stunt Award. 2010 – 2014 -2020. Best Action in a Foreign Film 

Casablanca (Egypt) (2020) Nominee

Best Action in a Foreign Film Pionér 

(Norway/US) (2014) NomineeBest Action in a Foreign Film Firewall – 

Wallander (UK) (2010)  Winner
Montreux Comedy Festival, Switzerland Best Non Verbal Comedy Series 

The Stunt Comedy Show (2013)  Nominee
Action on Film International Film Festival, USA Best Visual Effects 

Official Killers (2015) Nominee

Hoboken International Film Festival Best TV Pilot 

The Stunt Comedy Show (2014) Nominee

Independent Television and Film Festival Best comedy 

The Stunt Comedy Show (2014) Nominee

Iron Mule Short Comedy Screening Series Audience Award 

The Stunt Comedy Show (2014) Winner

LA Indie Film Fest Best Web Series 

The Stunt Comedy Show (2014) Nominee

Long Beach Indie, California Best Television Pilot 

The Stunt Comedy Show (2014) Nominee

NEXTV Web Series & Indie Film Competition Web Series 

The Stunt Comedy Show (2014) Nominee 

Overall, Deni Jordan is a highly skilled and experienced stunt performer and Scandinavian Stunt coordinator who has made significant contributions to the film and television industries. He is a trailblazer for diversity and inclusion in the stunt community and continues to inspire and mentor others in his field. 

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